It is getting better and better Many, many thanks to all those who invest so much of their time to help others. I guess: Hardly ever have so many owed so much to so few...

I, yet, have a question I was not able to resolve, neither with checking the internet nor with tutorials:
On my old laptop I was able to use the internal display as an extension of my main, external monitor. With that I was having two displays to work, which I appreciated this mode since I really use both displays to facilitate work.

Unfortunately, this does not seem possible to arrange with the UX31E (11.10, 3.3-RC6, i915.i915_enable_rc6=1 i915.semaphores=1 pcie_aspm=force, disabled VT-d in the BIOS). No matter whether I try to arrange the desired setup directly with xrandr in the terminal or in the display manager gui, the error I get is:
The selected configuration for displays could not be applied: could not set the configuration for CRTC 63
BTW: I use VGA output.

If anyone has an idea how to solve this or work around... Help is highly appreciated.