I'm working on getting a few programs running through crossover. I'm following instructions I found on the crossover site:

env WINEPREFIX="~/.cxoffice/Photoshop" sh ~/winetricks msxml6 gdiplus gecko vcrun2005sp1 ie6 colorprofile fontsmooth-rgb atmlib allfonts tahoma fontfix winxp

Which returns the following:
/home/nathan/wine-git/wine cmd.exe /c echo '%ProgramFiles%' returned empty string

So far this is killing me, I'm pretty new to Linux, although I've dipped into it a few times. Is there something I'm missing here?

I'm not sure if this is related but when I input a command i often return this
wine: cannot find L"C:\\windows\\system32\\-v.exe"
Is it supposed to have a double backslash?

Wine version:1.2.2
Ubuntu 10.10
Crossover 9.0