It looks as if the important things will just work in Ubuntu 12.04 :

According to the changelog (, the newest kernel (3.2.0-17.26, based on 3.2.6) enables RC6 by default and disables deep RC6 for Sandy Bridge.
I booted the kernel without custom DSDT and without any (custom) kernel parameters. Temperatures / fan behaviour confirms that RC6 is enabled.

Bluetooth works, too. At least scanning for devices works. There's an open bug report:
Can someone confirm that bluetooth works with the current precise kernel?

For 3.2.0-16.25, there's also "x86, mce, therm_throt: Don't report power limit and package level thermal throttle events in mcelog". So those messages should be gone.

The ASPM fix is already included a while, almost since the beginning of the Ubuntu 3.2 kernel series.

Now the suspend script and the touchpad (especially Sentelic) seem to be the only remaining problems. Are the ath9k crashes gone?

I think a major rework of the Wiki page will be necessary soon