I just wiped my computer and went with a *complete* fresh install of Oneiric from USB, if only because I was too lazy to make a new partition table. Only-- when trying to restore the files I'd backed up on a separate HD using Deja Dup (which was also used to backup the files in the first place), the program simply loops between preparing and asking for the password (which, to my knowledge, is correct). The only thing I've gleaned from using Deja Dup from the console is that duplicity is killed shortly before I'm brought back to the password entry screen.

As per some suggestions, I've tried killing the gnome password daemon, but this has been of no help.

I'm sure mine is the plight of many schmucks who didn't take every damn precaution possible before backing up their precious, precious data, but I don't want to imagine that finding a GPG brute force option on my weeny little netbook would be anything near doable if I wanted a solution in my lifetime-

So-- Are there any suggestions for what I might be doing wrong with Deja Dup, and why it won't let me restore my files?