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Thread: Why the pae kernel

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    Why the pae kernel

    Update: Please read this:

    The Ubuntu Technical Board weighed the pros and cons of non-PAE support and came to a decision. The board has decided they will support the non-PAE kernel option until the Ubuntu 12.10 release, so there will still be support in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The default i386 kernel in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will become the PAE-enabled kernel, but the non-PAE flavor will be available.

    Below are the details in full from the non-PAE discussion.

    Non-PAE kernel disposition
    * Kernel team would like to drop non-PAE kernel soon
    * TB members generally feel that (1) dropping the current default kernel is too much of a step, and (2) there is still a significant number of users which have non-PAE systems, based on Launchpad bug report data and an ubuntu-devel@ strawpoll
    * Maintaining the extra flavour is not much extra work, and not comparable to e. g. the -ti-omap4 kernel which is an entirely separate source tree
    * We need a way to prevent upgrades for non-PAE systems. Some options were mentioned:
    * Add update-manager check to not offer the upgrade if PAE is not available
    * Add libc6/linux preinst to abort the upgrade early if PAE is not available; that's not the best failure mode, but will prevent a safety net for users of `apt-get dist-upgrade`
    * '''Agreements''':
    * Switch precise over to PAE kernel by default on i386; we retain the option to revert if it causes too much fallout (Colin)
    * Drop non-PAE flavour in 12.10; this will give non-PAE systems another 5 years of life time, which is considered enough
    * Further discuss upgrade strategy/checks
    You'll notice that I specifically highlighted "Switch precise over to PAE kernel by default on i386; we retain the option to revert if it causes too much fallout", therefore it is going to be extremely imperative that those with effected hardware file new bug reports!

    I have no hardware effected by this change but you can read a brief summary of what my personal goals are regarding this here:


    I just completed alpha 2 iso-testing and ran into a number of issues, one question I have is why a fresh install uses the "pae" kernel

    Fresh install:

    Linux lance-desktop 3.2.0-12-generic-pae #21-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 31 20:44:35 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

    Upgrade from Oneiric:

    Linux lance-desktop 3.2.0-12-generic #21-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 31 18:40:37 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

    The hardware involved is:

    Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU 230 @ 1.60GHz
    Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)

    Sorry to be so clueless
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