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Thread: Should I harden my Ubuntu 64 bit further?

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    Re: Should I harden my Ubuntu 64 bit further?

    Quote Originally Posted by Welly Wu View Post
    I chose to install Firestarter as it is a bit easier than gufw. I configured it to deny all incoming traffic and I configured it to be restrictive by default to whitelist traffic set by my rules. I opened up some common ports such as 80 for http traffic and a couple of other ones that I know that I will need. I read through the firewall sticky and I have to re-read it again as it is kind of complex for a new Ubuntu user like myself.
    Funnily enough when i wrote my post i purposefully missed out firestarter as it is out of date and buggy and not recommended to be honest.

    Also it needs to be removed if you want to use UFW/GUFW as they conflict.

    When you say you opened up the ports such as port 80 cos you know you will need it, you mean you will be running a web server ?

    if not then you dont need to, only allow ports for services you know you will be running.

    also read these as they are easy to understand and cover everything you need to know at this point

    do you need a firewall

    setting up a firewall in ubuntu using 3 different methods

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