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Thread: Conky weather scripts using Accuweather/WUnderground/NWS/

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    Re: Conky weather scripts using Accuweather/WUnderground/NWS/

    Quote Originally Posted by 42dorian View Post
    First of all, there is a HowTo for VinDSL's Conky. Check my Sig, I wrote it myself.

    Second, all you need is the URL for a page that has your weather on it. If you have a web page that has your weather, even if it's not Accuweather, Weather Underground, or, you just need that URL. Find a page that has your particular weather displayed, and copy the URL here. The magic will happen when someone sees your URL and turns it into a script.

    Once it's a script, it generates output files. In Conky, even VinDSL's Conky, you just need to insert a variable that looks at the output files and prints their results where the weather section is.

    READ THE VINDSL HOWTO! It'll get you going.
    Quote Originally Posted by TeoBigusGeekus View Post
    If you download the scripts, you'll find a file called Script-1d_How_It_Was_Created.pdf.
    Althought it refers to the old version of the 1d script, I think you could find some valuable clues there.
    Hi !

    @ Dorian : I have check your step-by-step nicely written tutorial on VinDSL's script when I built my conky. I think it's working quiet well now as you can see on the attached image.
    The url from which I'd like to grab informations is this one :
    I do like the "magic", but I prefer when I can understand what's doing in the black box. And I would like to know how to do it by myself in the future, that's why I was asking for a tutorial on "how to grab information from a website and pass them to conky".
    Anyway. If a script comes out of "the magic", may it be with some comments on the code .
    And finally, thanks for your literary description on how it works.

    @ TBG : Nice. Thank you for this clue, I will have a closer look to the file .

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