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Thread: Ubuntu won't start

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    Arrow Ubuntu won't start

    Hey guys, I installed Ubuntu 11.10 today and it just won't start. I tried using a CD then a USB stick and still the same. After I installed it I restarted my PC so it should boot, but all I can see is a purple screen with nothing on it. I am a completely Linux noob so I know Nothing about command lines and terminals or console lines. I am new to it. I think maybe my video card has to do with this? It's msi AMD HD 6670 1Gb 128bit GDDR5. Any idea on how to get the desktop showing? Because I cannot install anything cuz I cant even see the desktop. It's just a purple boot screen with nothing on it. Please help me with step by step infos if you want, because otherwise I don't think I am going to understand... Thank you!
    PS: one more thing, a few days ago when I tried to install it by CD, it started up after about 6 restarts but now I did over 10 and nothing...

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    Re: Ubuntu won't start

    Welcome to the ubuntu forums, and good luck with your problem. As you have managed one time to get the system to run, I am wondering if you have a badly burned CD or the .iso file was corrupt.

    When you first see anything on your screen, hit enter and then choose your language. Now a menu should appear with an option to check the CD media,or something similar, which is worth doing.

    For full instructions on how to check the md5sum of the .iso file and the best way to burn a CD, see
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    Re: Ubuntu won't start

    Google First your issue , if no solution then ask.

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