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Thread: program icon added to Unity will not open

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    program icon added to Unity will not open

    I did a custom install of GIMP 2.7.4 on my system recently. It was installed to:


    Since it didn't start automatically, I added that line to my .bashrc file and then restarted my computer. Now I can go to the command line and simply enter gimp-2.7 and the program launches.

    I then decided I wanted to add a program icon to my Unity bar. Simplest way I have found to pin programs is to launch them, and then click the Keep In Launcher option.

    However, that's where I'm having problems. I can pin the program just fine. However, when I go to launch the program it flashes light/dark a couple of times, but never launches.

    Is there some other file I need to add the path to for this to work other than /home/.bashrc?



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    Re: program icon added to Unity will not open

    The launcher is a .desktop file located in /home/USER_NAME/.local/share/applications.

    Navigate to it.
    Right click the icon and select Properties.
    Change the Command field to the full pathname of the program you wish to run.
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