Thanks for welcoming me to the site. I have to admit to finding it an amazing resource in building Ubuntu machines (now on my eighth machine at home) so thanks for all your hard work.
Having used the Forums a lot for background I have now got stuck in solving a mouse button failure on a Dell E4300.
My issue is that I have a E4300 with BIOS version A23 (latest patch) which I have now installed 10.10, 11.04 and 11.10 variously... each time with mouse button failure from the touchpad within two clicks of bootup (i.e. it works for two clicks).
However the catch here is that in all the installs above... if the first thing I do after booting the machine is go to System Settings and using the tab key to bring up the mouse settings and then go to right/left handed with the arrow keys, the mouses starts fully functioning again and remains that way until power down.
This feels like a driver initialisation problem with the touchpad. Any ideas? I can't run the machine to get the logging running before the mouse fails (unless you have a cute answer to this).
Your help here would be much appreciated.