I am using an old Pentium 3 machine with Ubuntu to run backups for our company using rsnapshot.

Yesterday, I decided to proceed with the upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10. I think the upgrade may not have completed correctly because there are few odd things I am noticing.

1) The network drop down menu (in upper right next to user login drop down is showing that I have no wired network, yet I am able to access the web because the computer is connected via a network card. So network connection exists but the OS doesn't think it does?

2) In dash I have several black boxes with no icons. If I mouse over, I can see what they are. One is system settings, another is the trash, and a third is my additional drive which houses the back up data. While the icon for the extra drive might not show, it seems weird that trash and system setting have no icons.

Based on these suspicions I am wondering if perhaps something did not upgrade properly.

If I am right, is there anyway I can get 11.10 to reinstall itself (i.e repair the upgrade)?