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Thread: iMac G4 minimal install cli 11.04 leads to white screen

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    iMac G4 minimal install cli 11.04 leads to white screen

    I have followed the instructions to install 11.04 on an iMac G4 (lamp model) using the minimal install of a CLI only as spelled out on this sticky:

    The CD has been verified, and the install process runs smoothly. After rebooting upon completion, yaboot completes its two prompts correctly, and appears to start up when it finally results in a blank white screen. I have tried all variations of 'Linux nosplash video=ofonly' after the second prompt, with no luck. It still ultimately ends up on a blank white screen.

    Here is my model:

    Also, I have access to an external firewire dvd drive, if making a liveCD will work out better (although, the instructions above seem to indicate not).

    My ultimate solution would be to end up with 11.10 installed, if possible.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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