I have MSI X58 pro Bord with i7 processor and 6 gb Kingston memory. My VGA card is ATI RADEON HD 5850 and 2 hard disk of 1 tb .Power supply is 700W/80 plus goldkist.Os is Windows 7 64 bit and my working sofware is adobe premier cs5.
When I work normal footage(DV,AVI) it work normally. But when I start to work EX3 footage in my premiere it gives problem.
Display dose not smooth. Video pauses and plays while it plays.And after some time computer restart.How can I solve this problem?
But now computer goes restart when i using only net or other simply work not videos.
And it randomly restarts only but not open computer on. While i leave 10 to 15 minutes computer off and it open normally for only roughly 30 to 45 minutes and then restarted.