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    Wink Wallpaper \ Background changing with Unity Ubuntu 11.10

    Hey All,

    Since the wallpaper changer I had didn't want to work any more since upgrading to 11.10 I decided to create a Python script to alter the backgrounds-1.xml file located in the /usr/share/backgrounds/contest folder.

    This is where they created the background resource file which tells the system which background to use when. What I did was create the Python script to ask you for the folder where you store your wallpapers, the frequency with which you want them to change and the time-out between wallpapers.

    I hope some of you find this helpful. You will need Python installed on the system.

    I tested it with loads 900+ images and it worked fine, images will be repeated from start to end and shuffled every time it's run.

    Kind Regards,

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