This netbook runs Lynx, Meerkat, Narwhal, earlier Ocelot O.K. with usual bug experience.

Daily build 20111011 pre-release image will not install. Install gets up to "Choose a picture", or "take a picture" with the built in camera, then install refuses to go on. Install did work on my tower which doesn't have a built in camera and this "Choose a picture" window didn't come up.

Note this is a typical netbook with 1024 x 600 screen and the "Choose a picture" window falls off the bottom of the screen.

The window will not scroll so I can't see what's at the bottom. I suspect a Continue is way down there at the bottom, but there's no way to reach it.

Enter doesn't work, can't proceed. Nothing the mouse will do will go on.

Tried to enter this install bug on the pre-release page but the i386 image is lined out.

I did do a launchpad bug #872622.

Note, booting from USB stick, the old zeitgeist bug is back. I entered bug #872495.