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Thread: Sound only plays static

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    Sound only plays static

    Hello all,
    I recently installed 10.04 to a spare machine I had. Upon installing I discovered that I'm unable to get any audio. Well correction, I get "audio" just not usable audio. Whenever audio is supposed to be playing I get solid static. I've gone through and added my alsa module to no effect. I've tried every profile in the Sound Preferences -> Hardware setting tab with no luck.

    here is my lspci -v output
    Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs CA0106 Soundblaster
    	Subsystem: Creative Labs Device 1001
    	Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 64, IRQ 16
    	I/O ports at 1040 [size=32]
    	Capabilities: <access denied>
    	Kernel driver in use: CA0106
    	Kernel modules: snd-ca0106
    I would greatly appreciate any help offered. Thanks.

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    Re: Sound only plays static


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    Re: Sound only plays static

    I have the same problem.

    SEE my BUG report 804051. I reported this some time ago. I still have the same problem but I guess sound using the ca0106 sound blaster is not important enough. I am still using windows as my primary system because of this problem. I doubt that this problem will ever get fixed.


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