G'day fellow ubuntu users,following you will find a copy of a posting I placed in ubuntugeek forum and as yet have not received a reply. I am hoping by posting my problem here in Australia that I will get a faster response.Cheers guys...Bryan
Title: GNU Grub version 1.98 not responding
Post by: youngatheart1946 on July 28, 2011, 06:42:01 PM Hi there folks, I am a relative noob to ubuntu so i ask you to be patient with me.
A short while ago I decided to give ubuntu 10.04 a spin as a dual boot alongside Windows xp home edition using WUBI. All went really good, so good infact that I purchased and had installed an extra 500gb internal hdd so that ubuntu had its "own space". Once again all went well so I got quite adventurous and installed Mint alongside ubuntu 10.04 but found that Mint didn't "see" my systems cd/dvd player. Been very pleased with ubuntu I decided to "get rid of" Mint. As I couldn't find how to uninstall Mint I logged back into windows and via a partition manager deleted Mint from alongside ubuntu. That's when my problem manifested itself. Upon restarting my pc I could no longer get into GNU Grub selection page, all I got, every time I tried, was notification of some sort of "grub error". The only way I could get the ubuntu hdd to work was to disconnect the windows hdd and boot directly into ubuntu 10.04. After a lot of frustration I decided to take my pc to a computer shop to see what, if anything, they could do for me. I was informed that something had corrupted the MBR and needed to do a "clean install" of Windows XP costing me $50 cold hard cash. Upon getting home and reconnecting everything I hit the "boot button" only to be greeted with a "very clean" Windows XP and still no way to boot into ubuntu without disconnecting the windows hdd. Whilst in ubuntu I had a rather large update and had to subsequently re-boot my system. Once re-booted I was presented with the GNU Grub operating system selection window......ahh at last things were looking up....but alas I could still not select another OS, infact I could get no response from the keyboard or the mouse and the system automatically loaded my ubuntu hdd. I am very impressed with ubuntu 10.04 but still need windows xp for some of my "special programs" that wont even work through wine. Please, if there is anyone out there who can help me either email me direct or respond in this forum.