I recently got hold of a Dell ST2220T touchscreen monitor. Initially when I installed Natty, multitouch worked out of box. But once I shut down the computer and boot again the touch itself stops working.

Even weird thing is this :

If I go to windows and restart the system (warm boot) to come back to Ubuntu, it works. After that if I restart (warm boot) Ubuntu , the touch works. But when I "shutdown" (cold boot) the computer, and start it again, it stops working. Only when I go back to windows and "restart" the system touch works.

This behaviour has been consistent. I searched the net and found out that when "warm boot" happens there are still some contents left in the memory. SO, I am thinking that the windows driver support is getting it to work in Ubuntu.

But, I am not sure how to solve this. Can anyone help with regards to this please?