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Thread: Are songs in EPs released in LPs?

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    Question Are songs in EPs released in LPs?

    Hi there guys

    Some time ago, I used to collect lots of music:
    singles, splits, bootlegs, EPs, LPs, compilations, lives...

    At this point I'm convinced than bootlegs are the worthless things on earth, splits and singles aren't that great either, and compilations are distributed among the earlier LPs. So I deleted them all!

    So now I'd like to know whether or not (most of) the songs released in EPs are released again in LPs, or what is the criteria to decide which ones are to be released in LPs.

    I'm looking for your comments.
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    Re: Are songs in EPs released in LPs?

    I like bootlegs and unofficial live releases, sometimes you can find some awesome unreleased stuff. Maybe you have been getting the wrong ones?

    It really depends on which EP it is. Most of the time EPs just come with a single and then some remixes, live versions or b-sides. Basically, some of the tracks will be released later on on LPs, some not. Some EPs are mini-albums and have tracks which you will not find on LPs or elsewhere. Some EPs are just for promotional purposes and include selections from albums which the artist and/or label thinks that radios and clubs should play.

    Opiate by Tool is a mini-album, none of the tracks on it are available on any of Tool's LPs.

    Selections From Ćnima by Tool just includes 7 tracks from an album.

    Right Right Now Now by the Beastie Boys just includes two tracks from a LP, one unreleased track, one live version of something available on a LP and 3 remixes.

    It depends.

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    Re: Are songs in EPs released in LPs?

    Usually it's up to the artist what they'd like to re-release from an EP to an LP. Most of the time an EP is released to generate public interest or distribute freely to venues, producers/labels, and listeners. At least a couple songs are typically re-recorded for an LP to maintain the same mix and master across the entire LP, but sometimes not all of the songs make the transition. Since most artists are constantly progressing their sound, style and personality, they'll decide from an artistic standpoint that a song recorded for an EP isn't one they want to add to a full LP recording. I personally prefer LPs to EPs, simply because LPs have a higher quality production, and are more accurate to what the artist was looking for when they originally recorded it. That's not to say that some EPs aren't stellar quality, but since EPs drop before an LP, the artists will typically have made their own changes and additions to the song(s) between the time the EP drops and the LP drops.

    So, I guess to answer your question simply, (sorry for the tangent) it really just depends on what the artist (or label, depending on the artist's obligations in the contract) wants to carry over to the LP. From personal experience, EPs that I have been involved with recording typically have had all the songs re-recorded for the LP, simply because the material was solid, but several additions were made to the songs after the EP was released. But, I have also seen several bands and artists cut one or two songs from the LP because they didn't quite "match" the sound they had for the LP.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Re: Are songs in EPs released in LPs?

    Talking about bootlegs, the ones I've heard (helloween, motörhead, Manowar, etc.) sounded like if you have hidden a recorder in your jacket and sit near the speakers to record the concert... but I mus agree with Spice Weasel, I used to hear some unreleased stuff like covers and the like.

    I was watching the songs from Behemoth's "Antichristian Phenomenon", and it seems to make sens what FMAnimus comments, it seems that only the covers weren't re-released in LP later on, and Cradle of Filth's EPs have lots of remixes... nothing that they'd like to release in a serious album, right?

    Thanks : )
    How strange it is, that a fool or a knave, with riches, should be treated with more respect by the world, than a good man, or a wise man in poverty!

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