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Thread: Ubuntuzilla ceasing^Wcontinuing operation

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    Ubuntuzilla ceasing^Wcontinuing operation

    Greetings loyal users, and newcomers alike.

    We've had a great few years with ubuntuzilla - for a while there was no better way to get timely updates for stable releases of mozilla products than the ubuntuzilla repository.

    It seems that those days are over - now the official ubuntu repositories move swiftly to include updates for firefox, thunderbird, and seamonkey - often the very next day after their release from mozilla.

    Thus, it seems that there is no longer a need in the ubuntu community for a third party repository to host these official builds.

    As a result, I have pushed out what will probably be the last update to the ubuntuzilla repository, Firefox 3.6.15, Thunderbird 3.1.9, and Seamonkey 2.0.12.

    Unless someone steps up and wants to continue updating the ubuntuzilla repository (there's a handy script that'll /almost/ do everything for you automagically), this will mark the conclusion of the project.

    I thank you all for your help and support.


    UPDATE: since lucid has not been following along with the latest mozilla releases, I am continuing to update ubuntuzilla with the latest. looks like ubuntu just won't let ubuntuzilla die.
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