I've a Mythbuntu 10.04, mythtv 0.23 setup running nicely as a master BE & FE on the same box. (My wife can even use it and wants me to expand the system).

Now has come the time to get MythTV running with remote Frontends. Trying the Live CD I can't get the live FE to connect to the backend.

BE : is fully setup with manual IP address in both sections on the BE setup config.
Pin is set to 0000

FE testing connection to BE enter the PIN as 0000 then click "test" this fails, I get no further than the first step

Questions :
  1. How does the FE find the back end, I'm guessing uPnP ?
  2. How do I check if the BE has uPnP running?
  3. Do the machines need to be on the same workgroup?
  4. Is there anything else I need to check if it is running on the BE, eg mysql?

Other information:
The BE is on workgroup .mshome as appears on my network as BTV1.mshome The rest of my network is on workgroup .home (as assigned by my router). However pining btv1.mshome fails but pinging btv1.home succeeds.

Could this be where my issue resides ? or am I barking up the wrong tree.

Thanks in advance