Hi all,

I have a big noisy file server in the study storing all of my media and providing it over NFS to the master backend/main frontend in the living room. I'm about to add 2 more frontends so would like to move the backend to the server (to prevent having to have the backend machine AND media server on to support the new frontends). The only problem is connectivity.

Our flat has:

Bedroom with 1 satellite socket
Living room with 1 satellite socket
Kitchen with 1 satellite socket
Study with no satellite socket

As we're renting I can't run any cabling. I'm using homeplugs for the network (devolo one's which are really good).

So how can I run the master backend on the server when there are no satellite connections in the same room? I'd like to keep the server in the study as it is noisy (but icy-cool).

I don't want to have a secondary backend as that won't solve the main issue of having 2 pc's on (plus the frontend being used).

I've looked at 2 solutions so far.

HDHomeRun - exactly what I need except it isn't available for DVB-S/DVB-S2.
Devolo TV Sat - has DVB-S/DVB-S2 support but not sure if it works in the same way as the HDHomeRun (ie can it be tuned by mythtv).

Any help or other ideas appreciated.