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Thread: Script for automated rtorrent installation with rutorrent for Ubuntu 10.04!

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    Script for automated rtorrent installation with rutorrent for Ubuntu 10.04!


    I was trying to install rtorrent lately with a good web interface in my Ubuntu 10.04 server but I found it to be a quite challenging task.
    After I succesfully managed to install rtorrent with rutorrent as a web ui, I created a bash script to do everything automatically and thought that someone else might find it useful so I am posting it here.

    My demands were the following so the script accomplishes them too:
    * rtorrent had to be able to run as a service automatically upon boot.
    * No GUI with any gnome or kde dependencies! Only a web interface as this installation was targeting a headless server.
    * No source compilation
    * Single user use and authorization
    You can read also more info in the beginning of the script.
    Some quoted text of what this script will do in your computer..

    # The script will do the following changes in your computer:
    #       1) Download rtorrent 3.2
    #       2) Download rtorrent plugins 3.2
    #       3) Download a startup script for rtorrent
    #       4) Download a working .rtorrent.rc
    #       5) Check the md5sum of the downloaded files.
    #       6) Add a PPA repository for rtorrent compiled against the latest xmlrpc libraries.
    #       7) Download any extra dependencies using apt-get such as apache, screen and some more.
    #       8) Create all necessary directories
    #       9) Set all necessary permissions
    #       10) Ask for a password (using htpasswd) for the given username to be able to access the web page of rutorrent
    #       11) Install the startup script for automatic startup of rtorrent on boot.
    To run the script download the attachment, make it executable and run it:

    chmod +x
    sudo ./ <username>
    The <username> has to be a valid system user with an id of 1000 or more. The default one created during ubuntu installation will do fine
    This user will be used to run the rtorrent instance.


    Update 2011-07-22 :
    A much requested feature has been implemented by user rocker2344. The feature is multi user support and ISPConfig integration as a bonus
    I haven't tested the script myself, but you can test and report success back here.
    Follow this link for more information:

    Update 2011-01-20 : Script was not installing one very important package! Now fixed (libapache2-mod-php5 and unzip).
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