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Thread: Nautilus too slow

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    Nautilus too slow

    My nautilus is running very slow especially opening some particular folders. Let me explain in detail.
    If I try to open the Music folder from the links on the left panel, it will be lightning fast. The same thing, if I tried to open from browsing my home folder will take some time.
    Another example- When I try to open my Windows/Program files folder then nautilus is not able to open it freezes and then I have to do a force quit. Same thing if I open it through terminal saying "nautilus /media/sda2/Program\ Files/", it will take time but will atleast open the folder.
    I tried switching to nautilus elementary, but no use.
    Also, i turned off the thumbnail view, preview and all the fancy features that nautilus provides, but still no use.
    Please, help. If nothing else, is there any way that I can reset my nautilus to its original state? (without reinstalling Ubuntu of course). The reason is I dont want to switch fron nautilus...
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