Since I get no response for 2 days now I see my old threath as closed.

I have 2 harddrives.
I found out both are Sata (sorry)
They are connected to a ICH7 Intel controller wich is built in into my chipset.
Here are my specifications:

MSI MS7528 G31M3
4096MB DDR2 RAM 2x 2048MB
1x 320GB Samsung HDD
1x 250GB Maxtor HDD
1x DVD-RW Optiarc
Nvidia Geforce GT240 GDDR5 512MB XFX

Here is the problem:
Every time I try to install Ubuntu x64 10.10, does not mather from USB or CD, I get the problem that I see my Windows 7 x64 Desktop all scrambled up.
A picture of this can be found here:

So I tried the following:
MD5 checksum check , the checksum matches.
Redownloaded the image, same problem.
Deactivated Kaspersky Internet Security and tried making the USB again: Same problem.
Deactivated my entire Sata controller ( windows 7 is not accesible , nor even the harddrives). I still get the image shown before of the windows 7 desktop!
So I figured maybe the image is somehow still not good.
So I tried the iso in a VMWARE and guess what : succes!

After that someone else suggested to change the boot order of my HDD, still the same problem.

I am really stuck here and hope someone can help me with this.
Any suggestions here?