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Thread: After Install: Several Issues...

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    After Install: Several Issues...

    Man... I just have not been having very much luck with any distro's other than Mint.

    But I saw UbuntuStudio and thought that was right up my alley! So I downloaded it,
    which took all freakin' day, by the way and I have 12mb connection!! Then installed
    it. Now when I go to boot, it says something about 'low latency' in the boot menu for
    Ubuntu Studio selection. What does that mean?

    Next, when I go to open the Home folder or any folder, it doesn't seem to want to
    open. Then gives me some error prompt that says:

    Failed to open directory "ronny" (my computer name is my first name)
    Error when getting information for file '/home/ronny/.gvfs': Transport endpoint is not connected.

    And another when I tried opening the folder at a different time:

    The folder could not be opened
    Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply,
    the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network
    connection was broken.

    What does THAT mean??

    Also, when I try to install a program from the Ubuntu installer, it starts and then it just
    sits there and does nothing. So I end up closing it.

    And I tried setting the background of the desktop to one of my photos and it acted
    as if it did it, though nothing changed.

    This is crazy! I checked the disk THREE times to make sure it was good. Md5 and
    ImgBurn which I used to burn the disk and finally the verify disk option when you first
    load the disk. Everything reported good. So what could be going wrong?

    I tell you... I have tried out maybe 15 different distro's now and most of them had an
    issue or several issues. But this distro seemed so interesting, so I signed up to see
    if anyone could give me some good advice on how to make this work.

    Any info will be much appreciated!
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    Re: After Install: Several Issues...

    Now when I go to boot, it says something about 'low latency' in the boot menu for
    Ubuntu Studio selection. What does that mean?
    it means that jack will have lowlatency.
    Ubuntu studio is for audio production thats why it has lowlatency kernel. Simply said, it is a special kernel which tryies to compute faster.

    What happens when you right clik on desktop and try to: open in new window?

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    Re: After Install: Several Issues...

    Sorry... I am giving up on Ubuntu altogether and most likely Linux as a whole.

    After attempting to work with 15+ distros and having numerous issues, I
    don't think Linux will ever compare to the quality of Mac or even windows 7.

    If Linux were where it is now and we were in the nineties, then I think Linux
    would have won out over windows at that time. But all distros just have too
    many issues and I am NOT about to sit at my computer like some geek with
    nothing better to do in my life and make my operating system work so I can
    maybe get something accomplished!

    I want an OS that just works so I can do the things *I* want to do.

    Peace out!


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