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  1. Re: Has anyone tried my tutorial/install ubuntu on a pendrive? whats your experience

    With a 32 GB USB 3.0 flash drive plugged into a USB 2.0 port, performance was OK most of the time. Sometimes there would be a delay of four or five seconds, with nothing useful happening. However, I...
  2. Re: Xubuntu 64 bit LTS GNU/Linux is near perfect for me!

    Well said!
  3. Re: No analog tv on mythbuntu 14.04 hvr1600

    Where do you live? Are you trying to capture over-the-air analog TV?

    Where I live (Toronto, Canada), all over-the-air broadcasts are now digital.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: how to install the display drivers for a displaylink usb monitor in 13.04?

    When hardware doesn't work, I generally suggest the latest version of the operating system. You could at least boot from a Live USB and see what happens.

    You might also say exactly which AOC USB...
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    [SOLVED] Re: intel nuc NUC5i5RYK ubuntu support

    At the moment, 15.04 (which should be released today) uses the 3.19.0-15 kernel. I have been running the Xubuntu and Ubuntu Mate versions for about a month with minimal problems. The biggest drawback...
  6. Re: Which 64 bit distribution of linux is more lightweight ?????

    After booting, with a weather applet running, Conky reports that 196 MB of memory (out of 1 GB) are being used by Mate. That's less than Xubuntu on the same system.

    If I play a video in VLC which...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Printer is recognized, will not print. Xubuntu 14.10.

    Yes, you should delete one of the printers. "Add" will add it again, so don't do that. And avoid "server," you don't have one.

    In printers, if you click on the printer, then right-click and select...
  8. Re: Which 64 bit distribution of linux is more lightweight ?????

    Ubuntu Mate is also a possibility. I am running it on a netbook which was the slowest computer you could buy -- six years ago.
  9. Re: How can I tell what type memory I need?

    From the command line, run this command: sudo lshw -html > config.htm

    That will create a file called config.htm in your home directory. If you double-click on it, it will open in your browser,...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Trying to connect to a windows shared printer without success

    Have you looked at this page:

    Is this domain connected to the Internet? You're running systems which have not had security...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Confused on Hardware

    My main system has an nVidia 9400 GT which has always worked just fine, and I look at a lot of distros and versions. I think the 610 is the current version of that card.
  12. [all variants] Re: USB 3 external hard drive - partition advice

    You should be able to run a stable OS from an external hard drive. However, I'm not convinced that Linux has solid support for USB 3 *ports*. If it were my system, I would use EXT4, have an 8 GB...
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    [ubuntu] Re: VPN fails March 2015

    I have no insight into your problem. However, KRDC is my favorite VPN client. If it's the first "K" program you install, it will be a huge download, but then it works wonderfully. (K3B was my first...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Poor video performance on Dell Inspiron Mini 1010 after installing Ubuntu 14.04

    I'm running the pre-release version (15.04) of Ubuntu Mate on a six-year-old Acer Aspire One, which has similar specs to your Dell. It plays videos just fine. In fact, everything I have tried has...
  15. Re: Ubuntu 15.04beta2 on Macbook Pro 12,1 (Early 2015) - can't turn on Bluetooth

    I don't know if this will help or not:
  16. Re: Wireless Printing - Fuji Xerox P265 dw - Need drivers

    Do you have reason to believe there is a Linux driver for that printer?
  17. Re: Cannot install Verlihub under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    You might need to direct the output of Make to a file, so you can browse the whole thing.

    BTW, github has Verlihub 1.0.0
  18. [kubuntu] Re: Fresh Kubuntu install wont recognize a USB audio converter

    Kubuntu 14.04? What USB audio converter? Run this command: lsusb
    Copy/paste one line into your message, the one which is for the audio converter.

    Eg. for my webcam:
    Bus 008 Device 002: ID...
  19. Re: No desktop icons-- can't open terminal.

    Can you run anything from a LiveCD or LiveUSB? This sounds like a hardware problem, and seeing the SMART data from the hard drive might clarify the situation. Memtest might also be a good thing to...
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    Re: Acer Aspire 7250 - 5624

    That configuration should run Xubuntu well.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: How to get firebird on Ubuntu Server?
  22. Re: booting problem black screen from 3.19.0-12-lowlatency

    "PCC probe failed" is a meaningless warning message, you can totally ignore it.
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    Re: Backing up Win machines onto Ubuntu

    To backup Windows, you will use Windows software, pointed to a Share on your server. Macrium Reflect is a popular choice.
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    Re: Question about compatiblity

    Try Xubuntu or Lubuntu.
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Best way to partition new ssd and move installation?

    If it were my computer, I would do a fresh install of 14.04 (or even 15.04, which has major advantages on my particular system) and leave the swap on the hard drive. Then again, I would only use half...
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