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    [ubuntu] Re: Beginner needs a teacher

    Originally Posted by SergioMax -- I have yet to find a good tutorial or someone who can teach me not only how to use the OS but also how to achieve the different things I want to achieve on ubuntu....
  2. [ubuntu] Re: How do I permanently install Ubuntu to my harddrive from a USB drive?

    Go into your Bios press F9 or F12 or on some computers it's esc to get into your boot menu. Once you're theyre select boot from usb. Once you have booted from usb you should see a purple splash...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: How would I go about removing Ubuntu W/O losing XP

    Just reinstall Windows XP and overwrite the disk that Ubuntu is stored on i would recommend backing up your data first though for XP before doing a reinstillation.
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