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  1. Looking for an ownCloud alternative that actually works

    Hello there,

    first, I'm not sure if I should post that in "Server", but since it is not strictly related to Ubuntu-based solutions, I bet not.

    In my quest to cut my dependence on proprietary...
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    Re: Thinking of buying Chromebook!

    You don't even have to get out of the developed work to be cut from proper internet access. In Canada I just have to do 20km to my parent's house, and their microwave access is so slow and capped...
  3. A decent network shares browser with AFP support?

    Hello there,

    as my Ubuntu is operating in a Mac environment, I wondered if anybody heard about a decent AFP shares browser. The one included in Nautilus is sub-par, as it doesn't visually...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Controlling network interfaces from the command line

    Addition to topic: now I made the change advised in post #4, but now the machine takes more than one minute trying to turn on the interfaces, before failing.

    The command ifonfig only displays...
  5. [ubuntu] Server 12.04 LTS: automatically lock all consoles after set time?

    Hello all,

    here is a dumb question as my first steps with Ubuntu Server:

    how do I set it up to automatically lock all local consoles after a set time, la screensaver?
    My server will be in...
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    Looking to recover my old account

    Hello there,

    I need to recover my original account located How should I proceed?
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Controlling network interfaces from the command line

    Maybe not as a mandatory step to perform before being able to use the server, but at least provide a script in the user directory, asking all the other questions, to be run whenever a user wants it?...
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