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  1. [ubuntu] How to use webcam microphone as default?

    Hi everyone,

    In order to use my usb webcam microphone with skype I have to go to sound settings and change the input source manually every time I plug it in. I intuitively tried rearranging the...
  2. [ubuntu] Maximal brightness reduced after connecting laptop to external monitor


    After I unplug my Asus 1215n from VGA via which it is connected to my external monitor Philips 247E3LPH (I use screen output on the external monitor only), the maximum brightness level of the...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Screen brightness lower in Ubuntu than in Windows

    Never mind. A reboot made the problem disappear. This could be a problem related to suspend or to having an external monitor connected, since those are the two things I did before the problem occured.
  4. [SOLVED] Screen brightness lower in Ubuntu than in Windows


    I noticed that my screen brightness, even at 100%, is not high enough so that it would be satisfying in an outdoor environment. It is really difficult to work with. Out ouf curiosity I...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Hard disk clicking sound, hdparm fix offers no solution, not a hardware problem

    Thanks for your reply (and I back up regularly, don't worry :-)), but it is definitely not a hardware issue. The problem does not appear when the laptop is plugged-in, and the problem does not appear...
  6. [ubuntu] Hard disk clicking sound, hdparm fix offers no solution, not a hardware problem

    Hello everybody!

    When on battery, my laptop hard drive makes a tock tock every couple of seconds. Now if you think "this one is easy, hdparm...", wait a second, it gets trickier.

    First of all:...
  7. [ubuntu] Compiz settings not in effect after reboot/login

    Hello everyone,

    I have the following problem: I have set the bottom left corner to window scale and the bottom right corner to show desktop. These effects do not work after login/boot. I have to...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Compiz settings not working in 12.04 Precise

    I have exactly the same problem. I set active corners for window scale and show desktop reboot, and they don't function anymore. But when I go to ccsm the settings are alright but to make them work I...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Asus 1215N - Unable to Change Frequency Scaling Governor


    I have the same issue. The processor is always on 1.8ghz in performance mode. the ondemand mode does not work, even when I try to change...
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    [ubuntu] Re: manage cpu frequency of 1215N (how to)


    I did the above and it kind of screwed up cpu scaling. I used this because I was annoyed by what I was considering a too active fan. However, I already had jupiter installed and now I think...
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    [SOLVED] Re: System Partition too small

    Thank you very much for your help, but I ended up finding another solution. With a live cd it is possible to use GParted in a way to move and resize partitions. It was a bit complex because...
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    [SOLVED] Re: System Partition too small

    In my previous Ubuntu 11.10 install, dev/sda7 (where /home is currently) used to include dev/sda6. For no apparent purpose it just created another huge partition. What I would like to do now is just...
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    [SOLVED] System Partition too small

    Hello everybody,

    I just reinstalled Ubuntu 11.10 and used the "delete Ubuntu and reinstall Ubuntu" function in the installation menu. There is nothing wrong with the system in itself, as a matter...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Slow boot and login under Ubuntu 11.10

    OK, great so I am not alone, although there seem to be variations of the problem. @Freudy's issue is most similar to mine, and I must say other software has been pretty slow as well (USC, Firefox,...
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    [ubuntu] Slow boot and login under Ubuntu 11.10

    Hello everyone,

    I know this is a busy time as after every upgrade, the forum is flooded with requests, but I would still really appreciate it if someone could answer me. After having upgraded to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 11.04: sound stops working after a while.

    I have the same problem. Sometimes the sound stops working for no apparent reason, it can happen after 30 min an hour or whenever. Logging off and logging on again most often solves the problem, but...
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    [ubuntu] Flash fullscreen problem remains

    Hi there,

    in chromium and firefox, i can't get into fullscreen without the image hanging up (sound still goes on). i know there has been a thread with many people having this problem ...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: No Fullscreen Youtube in Ubuntu 10.10 using latest Google Chrome Stable

    I have exact the same issue but the solutions did not work for me. it still hangs up on full screen. can anyone please help ?
    here are some details:
    the mkdir solution doesn't work, it says...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: two-finger option in the prefrences>mouse is greyed out

    As I already mentioned I am using a Asus 1215n and Ubuntu 10.10, but it didn't work under 10.04 either. It seems that many people with lots of different machines seem to have this problem. Can anyone...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: two-finger option in the prefrences>mouse is greyed out

    same problem here. works fine in W7, even zooming and those other advanced multi-touch functions but in ubuntu it doesn't. thought the problem would be solved with 10.10, but after today's update the...
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