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  1. [PPC] Re: iMac G4 minimal install cli 11.04 leads to white screen

    How do I get a listed of detected outputs and their names so I can pass to the kernel which one to turn off as suggested in your link?
  2. [PPC] Re: iMac G4 minimal install cli 11.04 leads to white screen

    Hi all,
    This thread gets Linux working on iMac g4 but does not solve the underlying problem of nouveau failing to work properly on those machine. Using nv is just a workaround not a long term fix....
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    [ubuntu] Re: ThinkPad T410 Screen Brightness

    I am trying to troubleshoot brightness control on an iMac with the same graphic card as the t410. Could you tell me what driver you used before installing the nvidia drivers (they don't exist...
  4. [all variants] iLamp and Cinema Display Screen Brightness

    Hi all,

    This is an issue that ha been raised several time and never solved properly to my knowledge. The Xgamma trick just does not cut it for me. It does not actually change the backlight just...
  5. Dell Latitude C400 runs Oneiric straight out of the box

    I have had problems with both Ubuntu and Xubuntu not installing properly on this machine for going back to at least karmic. I am happy to say that Oneiric install and runs fine from the normal...
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    [xubuntu] Gnome processes running under Xubuntu

    Hi all,
    I am happily running Xubuntu 11.04 on my Dell C400. It's actually amazing how smooth and fast it is overall on that old beast of mine. That said I am stating to use Qgis more and need all...
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