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    [ubuntu] Re: Update Manager Error

    exact same thing is happening to me. has been going on since yesterday afternoon. i am using ubuntu 8.04, and this is the first time that update manager has ever acted weird
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Installing BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI on 7.10 & 8.04 - Broadcom wifi on a HP dv900

    hi there. what would be the proper way to "re-install" these drivers. i installed these about 6 months ago and now they are beginning to act up. occasionally wireless will stop working and i'll have...
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    [xubuntu] Re: will i B able to play movies on PII 300?

    that's a bit of a stretch no matter what operating system you run. you'll find that some videos you have will run fine, while hight quality ones will be an ugly choppy mess. you can download programs...
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    [all variants] Re: Need recommendation:

    i've been experiencing good things with my hp dv6000 so far. mine worked out of the box except for wireless. i also have a broadcom wifi, but i used this tutorial to get it running and have never had...
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    [ubuntu] Re: External Monitor

    have you tried the good old fashioned fn+f4 command yet? if so, what happened?

    what type of graphics card do you have?
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    a great program for tagging mp3's

    it's not a linux program, but it is a very lightweight windows program that can be run with wine quite easily. it is called foobar2000 and can be downloaded at this website
  7. [ubuntu] Re: compiz leaves artifacts after password is entered

    good to know im not the only one having the problem. i found a little workaround in case anybody is interested. it was discovered in this thread. read the last post.
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Losing my screen settings on reboot

    sounds like it's not saving any of your changes to the xorg.conf file. try doing the same thing you were doing before, but this time as root. so if you were using displayconfig-gtk, this time go into...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Disable laptop monitor when external monitor is connected?

    this sort of works in ubuntu, but it's sketchy at best. unfortunately this seems to be one of the area where this distro is still lacking a bit. i'd say your best is to keep doing things through...
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    [SOLVED] Re: HP remote control help

    weird. mine worked right out of the box. how recently was your laptop made?
  11. [ubuntu] compiz leaves artifacts after password is entered

    Sometimes when I am running an application which requires me to input my password, compiz will leave artifacts all over my desktop once I enter the password. Once I drag a window across the screen or...
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    [ubuntu] Re: NVIDIA X Server Settings

    oh gosh... hate to de-rail, but am i supposed to be using gksudo to open nvidia settings? i've definitely used sudo a whole bunch of times to open it.

    how long do i have until my roof implodes???
  13. [gnome] Re: AWESOME MOD -- for the Log-Out Icon! ... a Cactuar!

    awesome!! im totally going to install this and log out like 50 times!!!! pumped!!
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    [ubuntu] Re: Pidgin? And MSN???

    pidgin is great for basic msn messaging. never had a single problem with it yet. i find amsn a bit buggy, but it does closely resemble windows version of msn which is appealing to a lot of people.
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    [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] HP Debranded desktop

    by the sounds of it, i'd say you'll probably be up and running quite easily. just about everything should work right after the install except maybe graphics. for that you'll need to go into your...
  16. [all variants] Re: Configuring laptop to toggle on/off external monitor

    i unfortunately don't think that it will be as simple as unplugging and away you go.

    if you don't mind spending an extra 20 seconds, the way i usually do this is to go into nvidia settings,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: wireless trouble...

    does it have a broadcom wireless adaptor? if so, this thread should get you up and running in 10 minutes or so. it did for me and anybody else i've referred....
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy - Lenovo T61 Nvidia dual monitor support

    are you using compiz for your desktop effects?
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Lost my audio, along with alot of other stuff

    try this. go into synaptic package manager (system->administration->synaptic package manager)

    then you can go into file-> history

    this should (in theory) tell you every package that you ever...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy - Lenovo T61 Nvidia dual monitor support

    and by the way... here is the how-to i was talking about. it's not for dual monitors, but it was for single display on my television using an s-video cable. perhaps this might be enough to give you a...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Lost my audio, along with alot of other stuff

    and btw... im glad i read this thread. i have one of those orphaned package thingys and am now REMOVING it!
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Lost my audio, along with alot of other stuff

    any way to find out which packages it deleted? my only idea is to get the full list and re-install them in synaptic package manager
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy - Lenovo T61 Nvidia dual monitor support

    hmm... that depends. are you using twinview or separate x-screens?

    also, i learned the hard way that for options where it says requires x restart, it really means it! for that, you firstly need...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Macbook like scrolling on HP DV6622CA!!

    haha. alright i think i might give this a shot. but first, by "glitchy" do you mean that this could make my entire system glitchy? this is my main os and i must use it for schoolwork, so i don't...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Macbook like scrolling on HP DV6622CA!!

    seriously??? how did you get that working, or did it do it right out of the box? i have an hp dv6660se , which i am assuming is a similar box.
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