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    [all variants] Rutorrent interface question

    Hello, I just installed rutorrent. And I noticed the disk usage on bottom bar, and on it's right side I thought it was a cpu usage indicator, but I ran top and it's not a cpu indicator, what is it?
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    [ubuntu] PolicyKit Policies

    I messed up PolicyKit policies now I need to download them again to put on /usr/share/polkit-1/actions folder.

    My "User Accounts" management thing is not opening anymore because of this.

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    [ubuntu] "User Accounts" app

    How do I reinstall the "User Accounts" aplication??

    plz help!!!! tnks!!!!
  4. [ubuntu] Re: change account type of gui from command line in 12.04

    Hello tnks for your reply. I did this procedure already. My user is member of sudo and admin group. But didn't become administrator on gui.
    I did a research and seems that this problem is related...
  5. [ubuntu] change account type of gui from command line in 12.04

    Hi, I have a dedicated remote server that I access using x2go but I can't change the status of a user from standard to administrator. Because the unlock icon is inactive.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: utorrent 1.8.2 - Tracker Update Slow - ubuntu Hardy 8.04 & Wine 1.1.18

    Good thing they now have the utorrent server for linux.
    Although it's not very solid yet, it's working just fine.

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