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  1. Re: Ubuntu Game console - PS4 and Xbox One crusher

    Well, of course they won't help out if their products aren't getting any attention.
    If they could have the opportunity to advertise their products by proving it through gaming, I think they would...
  2. Re: Ubuntu Game console - PS4 and Xbox One crusher

    Good point there.
    This is why I pointed out that a big community can get things done, right?
    If I remember correct, we do have the entire world to communicate with, because if the work are shared,...
  3. Ubuntu Game console - PS4 and Xbox One crusher

    I know this is kind of a duplicated thread, but I want to see for myself whether or not the Ubuntu community is up for it.

    The challenge is:

    1. Making a console with the newest...
  4. [ubuntu] WTF??? Ubuntu 10.04 does NOT support HIS Radeon 5750, why? Black screen, HELP!!!!

    Hi, i've just tried Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my computer, but it's just a waste if i can't use it on my 5750 HIS Radeon card, and this is a very common problem wich have been like this ever since it first...
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    [all variants] Re: Gnome VS KDE?

    Why don't you just download Ubuntu Ultimate 2.5? It has both KDE and Gnome right out of the box. Give it a try!
    Still, i have another problem that i need help with.
    I own a HIS Radeon HD 5750 and a...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Acer Timeline 4810TG on Jaunty - ATI Driver

    Hi everyone!

    I have another timeline from acer, wich is 5810TG Core Solo with both Intel & ATI Radeon HD 4330 card, with 512 MB internal.
    Does anyone know if there is a stable graphic driver in...
  7. [ubuntu] ATI Radeon HD support + 40 inch Samsung


    I'm new in here.
    I have this little problem because it looks like there's no overall support for my HD HIS ATI Radeon 5750 card, and only 95% of my 40 inch Samsung's screen are beeing used......
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