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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgrading any package in 11.10 impossible

    I backed up and cleared out my old Sources.list and copied what you wrote down there, trying now will let people know if it works...Heres hoping.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgrading any package in 11.10 impossible

    the only repos I have enabled are whatever is enabled by default I havent added or changed any.

    As for synaptic whenever I try to install it I get

    leveliv@leveliv-Satellite-L500:~$ sudo...
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    [ubuntu] Upgrading any package in 11.10 impossible

    Hi there,

    I am running the beta or alpha whatever it is on my laptop of 11.10
    and I recently tried to upgrade my packages just to stay up to date and maybe fix a bug or two to make it stable.
  4. Re: Howto: WOW with Wine (

    I have an issue with my intel GMA 4500 chip

    Whenever I run an install I have from a windows harddrive (installed on windows copied over to Ubuntu) Whenever I launch it I don't have the dragon in...
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    [ubuntu] Intel GMA 4500 X64 3D Gaming woes


    I have my toshiba satellite L505-00U and the graphics chip it has is the X4500 GMA and I followed a little guide on the net to install some drivers for i855 chipsets or something but now I...
  6. Re: Infinity Universe space MMORPG prototype works in Wine

    ...Taikodom and Black Prophecy as well as Jumpgate Evolution are all going to be sweet games like this..

    this one is new to me though thanks I'll be sure to bookmark that one :)
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    something for us to debate...

    I recently wrote a blog post on how Ubuntu's development schedule should be change and would love to debate it with anyone who feels they want to.

    Thanks for reading.
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    [ubuntu] Re: ATI Catalyst 10.4 X1300/X1550 broke X?

    hmm I was hoping I wouldn't have to write a new xorg.conf. Oh well I will do it.

    10.04 doesn't requuire 10.4 Driver. I just installed it to see what was up. I just want to revert back to normal. ...
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    [ubuntu] ATI Catalyst 10.4 X1300/X1550 broke X?

    i am on 10.04 using an X1300 with 10.4 Catalyst.

    But little did I know the drivers don't support my card. now I can't get back to default OSS drivers. I could reinstall but I don't want to, I like...
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    [ubuntu] Compiz works in KDE but not Gnome

    I have both Gnome and KDE installed, Both work fine. However I use KDE's "Desktop effects" and I get all the effects at normal speed etc.

    But when I use Gnome it's almost like I'm back stuck with...
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    [kubuntu] Re: .exe from CD Permission.

    that doesn't work...that stupid "Make it executable" Dialogue Box comes up.
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    [kubuntu] .exe from CD Permission.

    Alright, I have a WoW disc (not sure that matters) and I want to install the game. but I can't set the .exe to execute as a program cause of the fact its on CD. Is there a way I can enable ALL...
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    [kubuntu] Re: 9.10 not fully loading KDE desktop

    Bro you definately just had a conversation with yourself via Thread posts. Awesome!!

    And now my woes. Whenever I select KDE as a session and login KDE doesnt start, it'll do that splash...
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    Re: how to install live messenger with wine?

    That it does, I just say leave msoft software to msoft oses with the exception of office and various games. but things like MSN, they are bloated and better left to just use their protocols with...
  15. Thread: PlayDeb

    by leveliv

    Re: PlayDeb

    nope not yet still working, Maybe you caught a blip where it was up for a while.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Sharing Easy Question

    Alright I got them to be shared, But now I want to be able to write to them from other computers...I have done it before but I don't remember the permissions I have to set.
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu Sharing Easy Question

    Alright, Here's what I want to do

    I have 3 Harddrives Two are formatted with NTFS one has data on it I am not backing up so reformatting to another FS is not an option the other one is blank I can...
  18. Re: What are the other forums you actively engage in?

    I frequent on OCForums, InsanelyMac, and the best one of all Tehparadox

    but most of all I am active in this one.
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Both Windows managers are running at the same time

    no I can't say that I am, actually now that I think of it Gnome-Do starts up everytime I turn it on,

    But now that I am using KDE how do I get to my start up programs? just to check to see if...
  20. [ubuntu] Both Windows managers are running at the same time

    I recently installed KDE, by using kubuntu-desktop and I set my default wm to kdm thinking it would be all fine I logged in and I noticed that my gnome panels were underneath my KDE panels.

  21. Re: Free Beta version of Aquaria now available from icculus

    even though I haven't tried it yet I am going to say thanks, cause I really have no where else to find good linux gaming news than these forums haha!
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    [ubuntu] plymouth won't start

    Hello, I am using 9.10 and I recently installed Plymouth instead of Usplash cause Usplash was really weird, It didn't show anything but Monochrome blocks. So the switch to Plymouth was a smart move...
  23. [all variants] Re: Is there a Linux flavour that supports webcam better than Ubuntu?

    I would imagine they all support them the same, Its just the ease of installation that you are probably looking for. Ubuntu is the way to go, whats the webcam you are using?
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    Re: Warcraft 3 Really Low FPS

    I get pretty normal FPS on my box. I close things like Docky and stuff but other than that they are okay. What card are you using?

    and make sure it uses opengl like someone said. come to think of...
  25. AOE 3 + 2 Expansions crash right after opening.

    Hi there I recently installed AOE 3 with both expansions. And it crashes right after I open it.

    I am running the minimum sys requirements so I don't see what's wrong, Has anyone else had this...
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