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    Re: Who knows cheats code of hitman

    Google shows this:

    Not too hard to find...
  2. Re: Dota 2 [verify integrity of game cache]

    Have you installed the proprietary ATI fglrx drivers? That may solve your problem. Open "Additional Drivers" and see if it's available. If you are running the fglrx drivers, perhaps removing them,...
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    Re: Old video card message in Steam

    IF you can afford a newer graphics card, you should be ok. The current minimum for Steam is (I believe) a nVidia 650. Around $125 should get a 750ti, which uses far less power (60 watts) than most...
  4. Re: Hidden Asset (isometric assassination/stealth game)

    Guards! Locked doors! Keep 'em coming!
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    Re: Gamer switching to Linux

    I will add that I used the PoL script to install Skyrim, which installs Steam for Windows, from which you install Skyrim. It runs at pretty much full speed for me, and I was able to install Oblivion...
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    [SOLVED] Re: INstall steam on ubuntu 14.04 64bit

    He's right, you know; it's exactly how I installed it. The advice given above was for people (and there seems to be quite a few) who have had trouble.

    There is this:

    sudo apt-get purge steam...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: League of Legends + Playonlinux on Ubuntu 14.04

    I might add that DOTA 2 is available for free on Steam. I know it may not be your favorite three-lane game, but it's as good as they get.

    Steam, BTW, has a raft of free-to-play multiplayer games...
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    [SOLVED] Re: INstall steam on ubuntu 14.04 64bit

    1. Open a terminal.
    2. Type

    sudo apt-get install ^libc6*

    And that should do it. sudo apt-get install [name of package] is how you install software in Ubuntu, or any Debian-based distribution....
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    Re: New installation - Read error

    It's also a very good idea to create a small root partition (64 GB is hard to fill up with programs) and use the rest of the drive as a separate /home partition, which can be created with the...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Surface Pro 1 freezes when wifi is used

    There is a program called ndiswrapper, which will load a Windows wireless driver into the kernel. Here's what you need to know:

  11. Re: Need advice regarding download of Ubuntu

    Unetbootin, available for Linux, Mac and Windows, will write an .ISO file to a USB stick, which does need to be FAT formatted. Works like a charm.

    And a bootable USB will load and install much...
  12. Re: Which distro for philco 14M-P744W8-3D?

    I have a pretty old Lenovo 3000, which runs like a top with Ubuntu MATE, which is my lightweight desktop of choice. And it is lightweight.
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a easy way to dual-boot Ubuntu easily on a hard drive? (USB)

    Creating a 32GB partition for the system ,/, will likely be all the room needed. The other partition of the drive is what /home should be mounted to. You can do it pretty easily with the installer...
  14. Re: Which OS would be best on a 512kb notebook?

    Ah, the Amiga. Maximum PC, in their first issue back in 2000 or so, said "Everyone who is cool either programmed or owned an Amiga."

    I started using an Amiga in 1986, and stopped using one in...
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    Re: Save games lost on steam ???

    For what it's worth, in my dual-boot days, I bought Torchlight II for Windows. When it came out for Linux, my old Windows Steam saves were there, allowing me to pick up where I had left off.
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    Re: Hey everyone. New to this and have a few questions

    Ubuntu MATE is pretty much as lightweight as Lubuntu, and I like it better. Just my $0.02 worth.
  17. [SOLVED] Re: How can I install Ubuntu with only the essential software?

    Or, you can use Synaptic to search for and delete the programs you don't want, and to install the programs you do want.
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    Re: Retroarch bindings

    There is likely, in your home directory, a folder named '.retroarch.' Find it in in a file manager by pressing CTRL-H or selecting View/Show Hidden Files. Delete that folder and you'll start from...
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    Re: best distro for a lenovo

    I have a nine year old 32-bit dual-core Lenovo 3000 N100, and it runs Ubuntu MATE like a top. And it has pre-Sandy Bridge graphics, the kind that gamers b*tched mightily about, and yet I have been...
  20. Re: Can't Install Fallout New Vegas Due to Invalid Platform Error on Steam?

    PlayOnLinux has a script for Fallout:New Vegas, which downloads and installs Steam for Windows, from within which you install Fallout. It's how I installed Skyrim, and I was able to install Oblivion...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Play downloaded Steam games without Steam?

    GOG does sell nothing but non-DRM games; when they released the original Witcher game with no DRM, sales went through the roof, which confirmed Red Projekt's aversion to DRM was justified (GOG is a...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: Fix for Steam: "Missing 32-bit libraries:"

    I just (after becoming annoyed with 15.10's little quirks (so sue me)) reinstallled 14.04. I used the command line to install Steam,
    sudo apt-get install steamand every dependency was also pulled...
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    Re: Can't play gmod..

    You didn't tell what your video card is, only the pretty aged single-core :shock: CPU, which isn't even sold any more. Please post the results of this command:

    lspci | grep VGA

    That will show...
  24. Re: Which desktop environment do you recommend?

    I've been a big fan of MATE since it was introduced in Mint, a few releases ago. I find Mint to be annoying, especially when trying to reinstall Ubuntu Software Center purchases. I'd been using...
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    Re: best game for ubuntu 14.04.2 lts

    There are so many incredible games for Linux these days, in each and every genre (well, no military-style FPS yet), including games that I totally suck at, like FPS games. Planetary Annihilation is...
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