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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Can't boot with 3.16.0-24, hangs at resume: libgcrypt version: 1.5.4

    For the record... after much Googling I found a clue here:

    After which I tried

    # update-initramfs -c -k 3.16.0-24-generic...
  2. [ubuntu] Can't boot with 3.16.0-24, hangs at resume: libgcrypt version: 1.5.4

    I can no longer seem to boot with the latest kernel 3.16.0-24, even in recovery mode. According to the on-screen output it seems to hang at

    resume: libgcrypt version: 1.5.4

    If I select the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Galago UltraPro 14.10 Update issues

    Yes I did install:

    $ dpkg --list | grep system76
    ii system76-driver 14.10.1 all Universal...
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    [ubuntu] Galago UltraPro 14.10 Update issues

    I updated to 14.10 this week and have done the recommended update of the System76 sources.list, update system reboot but I'm still seeing some new problems. I don't know if they are hardware...
  5. What's in the latest System76 driver update?

    Ubuntu is telling me there is a new 13.10.6 update for the System76 driver but I can't get any info on what is in it, either from the updater or searching around. Anyone know what has changed?
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Galago UltraPro touchpad, keyboard and wifi issues

    It still blows :-( but I'm waiting for the replacement from System76 which according to all other reports I've read 100% fixes the problem. Chops to System76 for persevering with working to resolve...
  7. Re: Afraid of buying Gazelle because of the keyboard

    Noted - I had not realized that, the texture and color of the two surfaces is remarkably similar.
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    Re: Darter UltraThin review?

    I have a Yoga and it's very nice for the price but it isn't running Ubuntu and I'd worry about how that super high res screen of the Yoga 2 Pro would behave. I really think they went above and...
  9. Re: Afraid of buying Gazelle because of the keyboard

    I have one and have posted elsewhere on this forum - the other major keyboard thread. It's an issue for me even though I got the second generation keyboard with strengthened back to the keyboard. ...
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    Re: Darter UltraThin review?

    I'm sure it is basically the same keyboard hardware, just a different screen right?

    I'm very slowly getting used to pounding on my UltraPro keyboard - but the problem is compounded by the lack...
  11. Re: How to make Synaptics touchpad palm detection work?

    Thanks for the info - I agree the wording is confusing. Very confusing.

    I have since heard from System 76 that the do not support palm detection at the moment. That kind of sucks.

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    Re: Galago UltraPro microphone not working

    Had the same problem myself and I'm already on 13.10 and have reinstall the drivers and rebooted (many times).

    The first time I went to use an audio app - Skype - I got nothing. I opened the...
  13. Re: How to make Synaptics touchpad palm detection work?

    No I did not click on Restore - that would restore the system to its state when it was delivered right? I don't want that.
  14. How to make Synaptics touchpad palm detection work?

    I'm trying to make palm detection work for the touchpad of my Galago UltraPro - since I have to pound away at the keyboard (see my other posts) I seem especially prone to moving the mouse around with...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Galago UltraPro touchpad, keyboard and wifi issues

    As an update - I called System 76 after a couple of days and they were sympathetic but advised me to stick with the machine for a couple of more weeks since they have a 30 day return policy - they...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Galago UltraPro touchpad, keyboard and wifi issues

    Sorry to say I just received my new Galgo UltraPro today and immediately noticed issues with the keyboard. The loss of keystrokes is really annoying and this machine is supposed from a new batch -...
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    [ubuntu] BSOD using Unity with MBP 6,2 hardware

    I've been trying to get Ubuntu 12.10 running stably on my MBP 6,2 hardware but I keep having black screen of death crashes while using the Unity Launcher. I think the recent Ubuntu update that I got...
  18. [xubuntu] Re: Frequent black screen on MacBook with XUbuntu

    Same problem here with a MacBook Pro 6,2 - the big difference is I'm on Ubuntu 12.10.

    I've tried all the supplied drivers - regular Nouveau X org driver, nVidia binary tested, nVidia binary with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: SSD alignment and RAID set up issues

    Okay, seems like a lot of people have read this post so far but no comments. Here is my follow up:

    I could find no evidence that mdraid can support TRIM and no specific information about RAID...
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    [ubuntu] SSD alignment and RAID set up issues

    This is more of a flowing stream of consciousness on my SSD alignment and RAID setup. I'm hoping other people trying to figure this stuff out might find my current info useful and perhaps someone...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 with VMWare Fusion Version 3.1.0 (254806) Compiz

    Ditto... this doesn't seem to be well document and is a real shame as otherwise Fusion runs Ubuntu pretty well except for sluggish graphics.

    I would probably got to Parallels (or back to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Crash & black screen (Graphics problem?)

    I can report my Inspiron 700m now works just great with Intrepid Ibex - suspend, hibernate etc. all appear to work. It even powers off correctly before the battery is dead which it never did with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Latitude E6400

    You should check this thread - - but beware if you get the latest Intrepid Alpha 6 image there is a bug that could render your hardwire ethernet device...
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    [all variants] Live Mesh like functionality for Ubuntu?

    Is there anything similar in functionality to Microsoft's "Live Mesh" file sharing and remote access technology? I've been testing Live Mesh on my various Windows machines and found it pretty...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Calender Hangs / Shut down Options hang

    Okay, entering my previous reply got me thinking - maybe I actually installed Hardy before the final version and upgraded afterwards. Which lead me to think perhaps it was something busted in the...
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