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    [ubuntu] Re: video import in shotwell?

    WOW this must be a bigger problem than I thought. Not one reply in nearly 2 months, not good.
    I also would like to know about this. I like many other have a digital Camera (Panasonic Lumix fz35)...
  2. Thread: WIFI Problem

    by slambrick

    [ubuntu] Re: WIFI Problem

    Have you Authenticated the connection? My Notebook required Authentication before it would allow the network access. It may have appeared a a keyring request. use your login access password.
  3. Cups Error: Failed to read side channel request

    Cant print!
    I have setup my Canon mp620 according to several posts as a network printer but when I try to print I get "Processing - Failed to read side channel request"
    The printer is unable to...
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    Cannot connect wireless canon mp620

    I have been desperatley trying to set up my Acer laptop (Karmic) for wireless printing but cannot get it to work at all. Can anyone help?
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    [ubuntu] Re: CairoDock and Nautilus

    I hate to say this Alan but I have exactly the same problem and whilst googling found the exact same issue from users over a year ago with no resolution. I'm guessing it's not found it's way to the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Text-to-speech in Mumble

    Have you had any luck with this issue? I have the same problem, so let me know if/when you get it working.
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Firewire external drive not working in Jaunty

    Hi I found this article. I assume you havent resolved it yet so try it.
  8. Re: KDEGames all with corrupted window fonts

    I found this solution myself after sone time.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Corrupted Dialogue text

    This great article also solves the problem:
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    [ubuntu] Re: Corrupted Dialogue text

    Thanks for that, turning off sub pixel smoothing did the trick. The unfortunate side effect is that the screen fonts dont look as good.

    Thanks anyway much appreciated ):P
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    [ubuntu] Corrupted Dialogue text

    Hi, I recently installed the linux version of Skype. I cannot use it though as the fonts within the dialogue box window are completely corrupted. does anyone know how to fix this. I had a similar...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No offense but. . .openSUSE 11: XPS 1530

    Try using Alternatives instead Like Gimp for Photoshop. There are many video editors out there but you do need to try them. Once Ubuntu is installed (or Suse) you need to look at either the add...
  13. Re: KDEGames all with corrupted window fonts

    Thanks to all those completely disinterested persons who did not respond to my problem. It didn't help. I don't feel good about this.
    The problem has now resolved itself! An update somewhere...
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    Re: enemy territory quake wars

    Did you know Picasa has a Linux client now?
  15. KDEGames all with corrupted window fonts

    Hi, I have just installed the kdegames pack (under Ubuntu 9.04) as a couple of them looked like they would be good for the kids. Trouble is every one of them has severely corrupted fonts in any...
  16. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Re: cupsd: Child exited on signal 15! cups: unable to start scheduler.

    [SOLVED] Thanks to Michael over at the Cups forum for giving me a clue. I then found that the conf file for cups was completely empty. this was easily corrected by adding the contents of a slightly...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: cupsd: Child exited on signal 15! cups: unable to start scheduler.

    C'mon guys please refer me to someone with some idea. I have none. I have just recompiled Cups 1.4b1 but with no success still getting:
    cupsd: Child exited on signal 15!
    cups: unable to restart...
  18. [ubuntu] cupsd: Child exited on signal 15! cups: unable to start scheduler.

    Help. No cups server even though it's installed - also removed reinstalled - regressed nothing. Print menus are missing. no longer there.
    Cups service not there.
    I have no idea what to do next. or...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: cupsd is not running following package update

    I have the same issue but also don't know what to do with AppArmor.
    Please help.
  20. [ubuntu] Intrepid (64) Cannot resume from Hibernate

    I am stuck after hibernating. Intreepid give several failures and a fail to thaw message the last one I see is PM 7-2.1 error -19 then the system shutsdown. rebooting to recovery ends in the same...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Resume & Hibernation not working on Intrepid

    I am having a similar issue. I tried to hibernate my desktop only to find Intrepid (64) comes back with several failures from thaw then after a PM 7-2.1 error -19 shutsdown i cannot get the session...
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    Re: HOWTO: The Best Way To Play Games On Ubuntu

    x.start is no longer working for me. It was working perfectly but suddenly (probably after a patch to something) it stopped. I had set a specific desktop backg which no longer appears I have what...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot Mount Volume - Ubuntu 8.04 - external usb ntfs drive

    I can't say how pleased i was to find your post which fixed my access issue to my external HD (Lacie 500gb).

  24. Re: Can't install ETQW with Linux 1.4 Client

    Thanks that was it. I forgot to check the md5sum as soon as I had a matching one it worked. ETQW runs great on my system. now all I need is some skill, LOL
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    Re: quake wars won't install

    I have exactly the same issue. Was it resolved? please tell me how to fix it.
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