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  1. [ubuntu] rsync error - is this indication of a failed backup ?

    I use the command "rsync -azP /home/roy r####@" to backup the home directory on my laptop to a server on my home LAN. The laptop is Ubuntu 14.10 and the server...
  2. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Unity 14.04 - How to Auto-hide Unity Top Panel

    I am using Ubuntu 14.04 (Unity) as the Distro to support a media centre (XBMC and MythTV). For this purpose Unity is mostly suitable, especially with the Unity Launcher set to Auto-hide. I moved...
  3. Re: (Asus PCE-AC68) How to achieve Wireless-AC speeds

    I recently purchased an Asus PCE-AC68 wifi card after checking that the Broadcom supplied Linux STA Driver supported this card. The web site for the Broadcom Linux STA Driver...
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    [ubuntu] System 76 Driver Errors

    I reinstalled Ubuntu 14.04 on my Galago Ultrapro today in order to customise the partitioning schema. After installation, I added the PPA for the System7 Drivers, and then installed the System76...
  5. [xubuntu] ? Disable Tap-to-Click on a Synaptic Touch Pad in 11.10

    I have recently moved from Ubuntu 11.04 to Xubuntu 11.10. Under Xubuntu the Synaptics TouchPad in my Dell XPSL501X notebook...
  6. MythVideo - How can I change the Sort order in Gallery View?

    I'm using MythBuntu 9.10 64 Bit.

    Am very happy - managed to get everything working (so mych easier than Mythdora), and am now trying to fine tune things.

    In MythVideo, when I view the videos...
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