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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 64bit on 2011 iMac 27" - screen brightness

    What video card is in that iMac?

    What have you tried? Did pommed work? Easy enough to apt-get it and test. Take a look in /sys and see what's in there to do with backlight. See if you can adjust...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Nautilus is a disaster

    I've been fighting with permissions and ownership since I first discovered Linux in 1997. Yeah, yeah, security blah,blah,blah. On a single user system with a bad internet connection (rural 3G) all I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Nautilus is a disaster

    I couldn't agree more with the name of this thread. Totally unusably slow on my Acer Aspire One ZG5 netbook. Xfce4/Thunar is a lot more tolerable with the animations, transparency, etc. all off. I'm...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 64bit on 2011 iMac 27" - screen brightness

    I've been messing with Ubuntu and Mint on and off for the last 5 years on intel Macbook/MacBook Pro. (Mint is basically the same thing as Ubuntu but with all the multimedia codecs preinstalled. Well,...
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    Re: Anyone know some old, exotic WMs?

    For a truly terrible user interface try UDE:

    Also, if you want to suffer try using GNUStep on a netbook! Did NeXT machines come with huge...
  6. [all variants] how to disable scrollwheel back in browsers?

    I find it extremely annoying that wheel-scrolling up when you hit the top of a page tells the browser to go back to the previous page. It's just too easy to do accidentally. I'm running Linux...
  7. [all variants] Re: rEFIt won't work on macbook pro 6,2 why?

    Update: better off w/o rEFIt

    1. I uninstalled rEFIt, following the instructions at the rEFIt site. I can deal with holding down ALT better than the added complication of rEFIt.

    2. I booted from...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ID and GID Problems

    You are trying to write to your home directory in OS X from Linux?
    Just curious what the specific objective is here. I'm not sure it is a good idea to let linux write HFS+ filesystem at all. Has the...
  9. LCD Brightness on macbook pro 6,2 sorta solved

    My mid 20100000 macbook pro has not had working LCD backlight control since Maverick. Now I've been running Linux Mint 11 (massaged Natty) for a while because I'm not wild about all the new bloaty UI...
  10. [all variants] rEFIt won't work on macbook pro 6,2 why?

    I have tried rebooting after the install more than 4 times. No refit menu appears. When I hold down alt, I only see my Mac OS X Lion partition.

    (I have created a windows format partition using...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: How to handle permissions between my Ubuntu user and OSX user?

    Rather than risk goofing up the permissions on your working linux user account, why not create a new linux user with UID 501? Once you've tested that the new user can access the OS X partition, then...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Maverick on MacBook Pro - won't boot after today's update

    The update had nothing to do with why my macbook pro hangs at the penguin screen: it was the Virgin Mobile wireless USB modem/microSD reader that I'd left plugged in! Just removing it caused the...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Maverick on MacBook Pro - won't boot after today's update

    This happens to me on my macbook pro 6,2 every once in a while. It happened right after I installed Kubuntu 10.4 (dual boot using refit: OS X, Lucid. I resized the HFS+ partition to make room for...
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    [ubuntu] Re: possibly failing hard drive

    Get a bigger external drive and try something like this:
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    [xubuntu] SiS chipset Xorg solid lock ups

    I have searched and searched, finding many threads about freezes, lock ups, etc., but no solutions.

    I have a compaq presario sr1320nx with integrated SiS video and Xorg freezes up at random times...
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    [ubuntu] Re: how to reduce eye pain with monitors?

    Try reducing the brightness. I find that a screen bright enough for watching movies is TOO BRIGHT for reading text.
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    Re: HOWTO Fix A Buggy DSDT File

    Can you patch this DSDT from Lenovo Y730?


    dsdt.dsl 1606: Method (_WED, 1, NotSerialized)
    Warning 1087 - ^ Not all control paths return a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: cf card as hard drive

    I tried this on an old Mac powerbook Lombard and Pismo and the results were bad: for some strange reason, under Debian Linux, the filesystem would always get corrupted after a while and the machine...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu won't suspend properly

    Join the club. I've had this issue intermittantly on various laptops, since 2005. On my old PPC iBook, there was some sort of problem with DPMS. Later, when I got a macbook, suspend had crashes...
  20. [ubuntu] Jaunty Xorg won't work on Pismo; tried all suggested fixes

    I switched to Debian 5.0.3 and was able to get Xorg working by specifying Hsync and VertRefresh for pismo's LCD as suggested by others in earlier posts.

    I think there is some problem with agpgart...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Sub-laptop: Acer Aspire One

    I just got the 120GB Aspire One w/XP. Wanted linux but the guy at bestbuy didn't know what I was talking about! Anyway, even though I followed all the relevant steps in the Ubuntu Community Acer...
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    Re: got Acer Aspire One? or EeePc?

    It worked! Removing the modules before suspend and then manually modprobing ath_pci after wake did the trick! How to automate this? Which suspend/resume scripts should I edit? Can someone point me to...
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    Re: got Acer Aspire One? or EeePc?

    I got an aspire one (XP,1.6GHz, 120GB disk) at best buy for $337. It was a clearance open box item.

    I used parted to shoe horn ubuntu into half the drive and left XP on the other half. I hate XP,...
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