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    [gnome] Re: share wifi with android and block Ads

    All that said... you could just push your tweaked hosts file to your tablet ;)

    You could then just connect to your wifi router (assuming...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Micro SD isn't recognized

    How are you "putting it in"

    Many SD -> microSD adapters are of low quality and sporadic at best. You will get more success with a USB adapter such as:

    "Sony Ericsson CCR-80 MicroSD to USB card...
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    [gnome] Re: share wifi with android and block Ads

    Wifi tethering / adhoc networks is available in later version of a "clean" android environment. The problem arises with the tweaks that the various phone suppliers make to "customise" <-- read as...
  4. Re: Is there anything in Unity that is part of the core of the distro?

    Unity can be removed through synaptic / USC no problem and no ill effect - the day that changes Ubuntu will sink like an opensource stone.
  5. Re: Mods are doing a good job removing SPAM posts

    If those inheritance email paid out in Altarian Mega Dollars I might change my position on the whole thing...

    And why has no-one come up with "VegeSpam" ... If only their was a method of bulk...
  6. Re: Mods are doing a good job removing SPAM posts

    I've now hit the point where i'm actually disappointed that I haven't found any spam to report :(

    ... downtrodden or not I have no sympathy for the muppets - get out and stay out of my inbox......
  7. Re: Compiling dvdistaster: bzlib.h not found (dev files installed)

    Are you using the unstable (79) branch? As it can be exactly that... and is frequently feature missing :(

    The stable version is in the repos and relatively up to date - no compilation required ;)
  8. Re: Best Coding Language for programming Linux apps

    Yeah. Kinda surprised there isn't a little more love for python here myself - given that GTK/QT + python is the current ubuntu developer mantra :confused:

    Likewise there is little love for Mono...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing snes9x 1.53

    zsnes is an excellent alternative that is still in the repos ;)
  10. Poll: Re: How many people use Ubuntu with Gnome-shell in stead of Unity?

    Themes? Extensions? the "lenses" api is currently lagging behind what can be achieved with Gnome-Shell extensions IMHO.

    The lack of customisability is frequently cited as being a major drawback of...
  11. [other] Re: No post on boot, one long two short beeps

    Let it warm back up for about the same amount of time and replace the bios battery (usually CR2032 - buy at a chemist not pc store as much cheaper and hq brand).

    Battery may well have failed at...
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    [SOLVED] Re: HandBrake takes too long

    Are you using the snapshot ppa? Multi-threading jus fine n dandy here ;)

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    [SOLVED] Re: Would like to have Mate

    Have you looked at the solution provided in the comment thread you are following?
  14. Re: Mods are doing a good job removing SPAM posts

    Right you lot own up! Who just beat me to reporting the cheap ad spam just posted :twisted:

    Who needs forum games when competitive spam reporting is all the rage :popcorn:
  15. Re: Mods are doing a good job removing SPAM posts

    Long time vegetarian me... think the spam sandwiches of my youth probably had a lot to do with it :puke:
  16. Re: Mods are doing a good job removing SPAM posts

    Spamming a spam post... to report or not to report that is the question...

    Great job mods :popcorn:
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Mini ISO having problems fetching packages

    Hi Bucky -

    The problem is not with installing the packages - it is the download of the packages in the 1st place ;)


    Are you using wifi or ethernet? I experienced problems with wifi but...
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    Re: Visual Basic

    If anyone suggests W7 in Virtualbox i'll cry :popcorn:
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    [SOLVED] Re: BBC iPlayer installation problems

    I thought the Beeb had pulled the linux client a little while ago... again...


    Re read the original post...

    get_iplayer is a command line tool - there is no gui ;) and is not the same...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Which application to write a book in co-author?

    There is a native linux scrivener in development but it is in beta. As one beta expires a new one is released ;)
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    Re: Are Unity and Cinnamon good for Linux?

    To answer the original question: Yes...

    What I do not think is good is the ever increasing "core integration" mindset. Mr Shuttleworth got a change in brand name on the cards?

    Many of this...
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    Re: Music Apps I use and why I use them..

    And an alternate set of tools - with not crossover at all!

    K3b - rip to single flac/cue for archiving
    flacon - split tracks to flac (also for archiving)
    soundconverter - convert to 320 mp3 for...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Unsuccessfull download of web browsers.

    I've experienced plenty of failed software installations on Windows in my time ;)

    You haven't actually answered any of the questions put to you - which would make solving your problem much...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Unsuccessfull download of web browsers.

    Where did you download them from? And what is the exact error?

    Copy/paste the exact error would be more helpful than an abridged description of it ;)
  25. [SOLVED] Re: Mini ISO having problems fetching packages

    Is this what you mean?

    Had the same thing last might (32bit guest on 32bit pae host btw) - I immediately thought it was a dodgy net connection at my end......
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