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    [ubuntu] Re: server/router problems

    ETH0 uses gateway
    Both netmasks are set to and the subnet mask is set to

    New piece of data: I cannot ping Galahad from Lancelot, although I can ping...
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    [ubuntu] server/router problems

    I'm experiencing some difficulty in building a router, using Ubuntu 10.04, and Webmin. I've attached three drawings, showing the current configuration, the test configuration, and the final...
  3. [ubuntu] GeForce 8500 installation, ubuntu 10.04

    I'm trying to install a GeForce 8500 under ubuntu 10.04. I downloaded the Nvidia driver, and it requires that I halt the xserver to install the driver. With xwindows halted, when I try to install the...
  4. Re: Howto: Set up Ubuntu as a firewall/gateway router with webmin

    Something else that should probably be saved before starting this procedure is the file /etc/network/interfaces. That is,

    sudo cp /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces.bak

    This file...
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