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  1. Re: Trouble installing from USB - Toshiba Satellite Clean HDD

    Take a look at your EFI partition, and see what got installed. There was a bug just mentioned (sorry didn't note it) which indicated that some file (grub.cfg) needs to be in /EFI/ubuntu, not...
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    Re: LiveDVD nomodeset nVidia GeForce 6150 SE

    Usually you just install the nvidia-current package and let the appropriate driver be installed -- that was Nvidia 304.116 on my 6150. At the grub menu, (hold down shift key to force the menu to...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: upgrading linux-headers and linux-images after installing vmware-tools

    I don't use vmware tools, but assume after a dist upgrade you will need the latest vmware offerings, because the headers do change. These days, vmware seems to be keeping up with the changes better,...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 14.04 Liveusb with persistent memory on laptop

    You could better just install to the 16G stick, then tweak the install by moving some things like /tmp into ram. There are several tutorials on that, and comparisons between the full install and a...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Installing ubuntu 14.04.1 via USB - constant reboot loop.

    "Purple screen"? Thats the grub-pc, not for UEFI machines. Are you trying this in compatibility mode? Read about UEFI, then decide what you want to do -- Ubuntu should install just fine on a UEFI...
  6. Re: Problems installing Ubuntu. err2err3 when booting from cd, or usb

    Can you try the USB/CD in another machine? I have only ever used unetbootin on Windows, no experience with LiLi.
  7. Re: Problems installing Ubuntu. err2err3 when booting from cd, or usb

    1) Did you md5sum check the downloaded iso?
    Check the number against the listing in the link for your release listed at
  8. Re: Move bootable partition from one filesystem type to another

    Just use tar, (assume the new root partition is ext4 and mounted at /mnt/new,
    cd /
    sudo tar -cf - * |(cd /mnt/new; sudo tar -xpBf -)
    Then fix up the files fstab and grub.cfg like above.
    dd just...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Dual-boot Win 8.1 and Trusty not occuring despite attempts to fix

    You might be able to fix things by running sudo update-grub next time you are running Ubuntu. If that doesn't fix things, take a look at the grub command next time you boot without the USB, type...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgrading to 14.04 LTS - problems

    At the ctrl-alt-F1 terminal, type sudo apt-get update , then type sudo apt-get install nvidia-current
    That should get the appropriate nvidia drivers for your video chip. Switch back to the GUI with...
  11. Re: Downloaded the Latest version of Ubuntu but Installation not working

    I don't think WUBI runs Ubuntu 14.04 -- you'll have to either run in a virtual machine like virtualbox, install to a USB, or make some room on your hard disk for the install.
  12. Re: Attemping to DualBoot Windows 8.1/Ubuntu 14.04: No GRUB2 Boot Menu

    Having no Master Boot Block bootloader is perfectly expected in a UEFI machine, even if it existed, it would be ignored. UEFI uses firmware to point to bootloaders (as many as you can fit) in the...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Clicked "UPGRADE" to Ubuntu 14. Am in trouble!

    At the four dots, type ESC (might have to try a few times) and you will switch over to a text screen with some error messages you can report here. Then maybe we can figure out what's wrong.
  14. [SOLVED] Re: Clicked "UPGRADE" to Ubuntu 14. Am in trouble!

    I'm not aware of the Upgrade button ever causing data loss, but new kernels require new video drivers, which may need to be installed manually. We'll need a little more information about your...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: After upgrade from ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04, only splash screen is visible after log

    Do you get a normal login through the guest account? A quick and dirty fix might be to rename your .config directory to .config-old, make an empty .config directory and see if that gives you the...
  16. [SOLVED] Re: Boot Device Not Found (3F0) Pavilion 23 All In One

    And also under the /EFI/ubuntu you will need a grub.cfg file. You may use a stub like the below to pull in the full grub.cfg from /boot/grub
    (Assuming the root is on partition 8 below, change for...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Windows unbootable after failed attempt at Ubuntu install

    Running the sudo update-grub rewrites the grub.cfg using more UUIDs than the original installer used when it created the file. If you just edited the grub.cfg, (with an editor, not just using the...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: Windows unbootable after failed attempt at Ubuntu install

    On the 16G stick, you might be experiencing bug #384633. Check the grub.cfg file on the stick. The problem is when the installer created the grub.cfg, the config of the system was probably hard...
  19. [SOLVED] Re: Steps to remove manually installed Nvidia driver and install Nouveau

    I recently added the trusty packages to my 12.04, and went through some similar problems. I use the software updater, not synaptic, and installed the "current" 304.116 drivers without any ppas. I...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: Steps to remove manually installed Nvidia driver and install Nouveau

    Try installing the "nvidia-current" and let the package manager sort out the dependencies. I use the 304 driver, which has the depends on abi you mention, but I don't see those packages either, so...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Steps to remove manually installed Nvidia driver and install Nouveau

    Another thing to look at: Remove any old ppas you might have set up (xswat... etc.), redo the sudo apt-get update, explicitly purge all nvidia packages:
    dpkg -l |fgrep nvidia then sudo apt-get...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: Steps to remove manually installed Nvidia driver and install Nouveau

    Try renaming the xorg.conf file and reboot. (or putting in the nouveau driver instead of nvidia, but getting rid of the file should work).
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    [ubuntu] Re: Newby having problems upgrading from 12.04

    Resizing the partitions (assuming you do it right) is the first step, then look at the resize2fs command (man resize2fs). The reinstall is probably still a good idea, but be REALLY careful and do...
  24. Re: Installing VMware on Ubuntu 14.04 problems.

    The package names have a hyphen before the final number, not a period.
  25. [SOLVED] Re: BIOS Upgrade from .exe file stalled at update-grub

    Double-check with the vendor about what type of exe file they are supplying. Compaq/HP may be supplying only a Windows version, not the necessary DOS version your instructions assume.
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