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  1. Re: Has anyone tried my tutorial/install ubuntu on a pendrive? whats your experience

    Exactly the same steps as I install Ubuntu on a normal hard drive. I need 2 USB drives, first used as an installer, secound as a hard drive.

    Put the ISO onto 1 USB drive as the installer using...
  2. Re: Has anyone tried my tutorial/install ubuntu on a pendrive? whats your experience

    Have not tried your guide. I did however run Ubuntu of a flash drive as a main PC for 6 months.

    Reason being netbook had a Wndows 8 drive that didn’t like me dicking about with it, but I wanted to...
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    Humble Bundle Spring Sale

    Humble Bundle have another sale going on. :) Quite a few with native Linux clients & installers. Did notice Chivalry was in this one for 3.79. Has mostly good reviews and seems to have 1000 people...
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    Re: Malware for Linux

    Recently had some Malware on my PC at work on Ubuntu 12.04. We installed Comodo Anti Virus which I believe came with a Deb, or was generally very easy to install. Picked up a few things and removed...
  5. Re: Growing disillusionment with Linux on the Desktop

    I was replying to the person I quoted. ;)
  6. Re: Why don't we make a FPS game with a single player campaign?

    A quick google and I think this is the game I was thinking of for Open Source.

    Sauerbraten. First one used to be in the repos back in Hardy Heron. Had a single player...
  7. Re: Why don't we make a FPS game with a single player campaign?

    Yes, I know, free open-source. I was replying to the person whos post I quoted. :)
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    Re: Firefox 3-4 times slower than Chromium

    Went beyond creating new profiles and re downloaded Ubuntu onto a USB3 Sandisk Cruiser Fit, tried again and found the same. Chromium much quicker than Firefox.
  9. Re: Why don't we make a FPS game with a single player campaign?

    Plenty of single player closed source FPS's on Linux. My first thought was to reply 'Prey, Half Life, Portal'. A look on Steam and we also have Deadcore, Dead Island, 4089, Metro, Serious Sam 3,...
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    Using a tablet as a PC

    Thought this might be of interest to the geeky among you. :)

    Broke my PC this week. Monitor, graphics card, motherboard, the works. All gawn. Dont have the money to replace right now, but do still...
  11. Re: MIR will be the new display server, and Unity will be ported to Qt

    Mir, something to be super excited about, a fresh new display server that may be better than Wayland. I imagine though every distro outside of Ubuntu will be to busy laying the hate on Canonical and...
  12. Re: Ubuntu To Investigate Digital Rights Management

    So the Sky's not falling? awesome ^^

    I do feel quite strongly against DRM, though this does look like they have just used the dirty word and Phronix has taken it as an excuse for a dirty word...
  13. Re: Ubuntu To Investigate Digital Rights Management

    Hmmm is this DRM something like the Ubuntu Restriced Extras thing? Selling devices with closed source software on allowing the playing of restricted formats? Or is it something more?
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    Re: Forum's new look

    To add to what Cariboo said, you can now view Ubuntu forums on a mobile / tablet browser without masses of scrolling. Big step forward, couldnt do that with the old theme :)
  15. Re: Ask EA to bring Origin and their games to Linux. NEED Support!

    There was a couple of EA games in USC wasnt there? Ultima was being advertised for ages on the front page of software center.
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    Re: Why is UbuntuForums upgrading vBulletin?

    *Partys like its 1863* Wooooo! Love TapaTalk! Use it for a good 95% of my forum browsing now days. :P
  17. Re: Opera Is Dead, Desktop Browser Replaced with Chromium, WebKit on Mobile

    Gah! gutted! operas been my fave browser scince forever! won't feel as special being another chromium face. my anti google / chromium sentiments are kicking in.... Not sure I'll continue using opera...
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    Re: What's your thoughts on a $50 computer.

    Thats quite cool ^^

    New technology of micro PC's / portable PC's rise. Android is a smart move. People seem less scared of Android then Linux.
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    Re: What happened to the netbook?

    The problem with Linux on netbooks was the distributors and manufacturers just didnt seem too get Linux. We saw one in either Maplin or PC World (UK Shops) that had WINE too use the WiFi in the...
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    Re: What oh what happened to the netbook?

    If you have a Nexus 7 get a keyboard and mouse set with Bluetooth?
  21. Re: Tizen is an alternative Linux-based operating system

    Ooooo. Guessing it will never compete with the big guys, but nice ta see for those that have ethical issues with Android/Apple/Microsoft :)
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    Re: Windows 8, and people moaned about Unity

    I know a few people who use Windows 8 on PC's and once they have used it a few days they are very happy with it. Seems the most vocal against Windows 8 are the people that haven't used it properly /...
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    Re: touch screen for ubuntu

    You understand touchscreen does not mean you have too use touchscreen right?

    Windows 8 and Android are perfectly fine with mouse and keyboard. The people I know who regularly use Windows 8 barely...
  24. Re: Does anybody have Linux on a tablet or phone?

    Not in the respect I can use Linux desktops and software on Droid :)
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    Re: Isn't it ironic...

    Because windows is still the most used desktop? :)
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