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    [ubuntu] Re: Lexmark x1270 driver installation

    Hey lovely ubunteros... i know this is a REALLY old thread but i could not help but recognize a disparity: i found a perfect fix (i repeat, my lexnark 1270 all-in-one works **perfectly** ..scans,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: AutoKey not working??

    unfortunately, i'm seeing the same thing. i'm running 64-bit lucid and autokey works perfectly-- then stops working. i have been to the aforementioned troubleshooting page, but there's nothing that...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: 9.04 - No scrolling on touchpad of Dell Latitude XT

    hey-- i do not have a latitude (i have a compal fl92) but my symptoms are the same: after installing jaunty, i thought i had lost vertical scrolling on the right side of my touchpad.

    i found out...
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