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    [ubuntu] Re: Mouse right click menu too sensitive

    I've had the same problem on the last couple of Ubuntu releases. Did you ever find a solution?
  2. Re: Cannot get Ethernet in Fresh 10.13 install. Help needed.

    When I initally installed the OS I did not have the ethernet connected. I reinstalled this morning with it connected. With the live CD it immediately saw the internet connection. Once installed...
  3. Cannot get Ethernet in Fresh 10.13 install. Help needed.

    I just did a fresh install on my dell laptop. It has the Broadcom BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX ethernet controller.

    When doing ifconfig I don't see an eth0.

    I've been scouring the internet for the...
  4. Thread: Hard reboot

    by xl_cheese

    Hard reboot

    My computer seems to need this everyother day. I remember a time when I could go months without rebooting.

  5. Re: Using CSS transition for theme hover effect.

    So after using css transitions I don't think I like it. It makes the OS appear to run slow.
  6. Using CSS transition for theme hover effect.

    Does anyone see any drawbacks to adding this? I think I like the effect, but want to use it longer during everday use to see if I still like it or whether it become annoying. ;)

    Here's the theme...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ungrouping items in unity bar

    I has the same question as the OP. I created a brainstorm idea here:
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    Re: Ubuntu theme for Wordpress

    That's pretty good! I may have to check out some of your Drupal themes.
  9. Re: I need ideas for the logo on my website.

    I kinda like that!
  10. I need ideas for the logo on my website.

    I like the abstract gorilla, but I can't seem to come up with anything for the font. I want something clean and simple.

    Or do ya'll think my current logo is good? I think sometimes when we stare...
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    Re: Wordpress theme designed with gimp.

    Looks nice.
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    Re: Making a website in Ubunut

    Yeah, check out Find a templete you like and just add your content. It's really easy to figure out.

    There are tons of modules that you can add for specific functions like a shopping...
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    Re: Ubuntu Redesign

    I'm sure they get emails like this daily. You can join the ubuntu art team, but there are many indians and no chiefs. Ton's of people are eager to contribute such as yourself, but not a lot has...
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    Re: Website design software

    check out a cms like

    Lot's of modules already developed and you can also get involved and develop custom modules to suit your needs.
  15. [ubuntu] Re: After upgrade to Lucid my monitor is not put to sleep.

    I rebooted once and then the sleep/screensaver stuff started working. Shortly after tho it quit. It's annoying to get up in the morinng and realize your monitor has been on all night long. ...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: After upgrade to Lucid my monitor is not put to sleep.

    Maybe this is an issue with screensaver?
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    [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 screensaver doesn't work

    Your working better than me. Mine doesn't work at all.
  18. [ubuntu] After upgrade to Lucid my monitor is not put to sleep.

    I upgraded a couple weeks ago and now my monitor doesn't go to sleep like it used to.

    The settings in powermanagment show that it should go to sleep after 10 minutes.

    Can someone point me...
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    Re: How do you make a theme?

    Start out by taking a theme you like an altering it. That'll help you get the feel for what the widgets use.

    Consider which theme "engine" you want to use.

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    Re: Yahoo Sitebuilder alternative for ubuntu


    I knew little about building a website and now I have a site up with an ecommerce system.
  21. Re: Building my first Website. What do ya'll think?

    It's built with drupal.

    Good catch on the breadcrumbs not working for the motorcycles. They seem to work fine for the helmet and tire product types.

    Don't like drop downs? I was...
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    [other] Re: Are these good quality web hosts?

    I'm using It was only 5 bux a month for unlimited with a single domain. extra domains are $10 per year.

    So far I've been happy. I had one question and sent an email to them. I...
  23. Building my first Website. What do ya'll think?

    It's not production yet and I only have dummy products to test things out, but what do you guys think of the look and feel?

    I started out with drupal installation on my...
  24. [ubuntu] Why do I get so pissed off everytime I try to network my computers.

    Over the last few years as I've used ubuntu I've attempted to network or remote desktop. Only do I need to do this a few times a year. EVERYTIME I try this it doesn't work and I spend hours trying...
  25. Can someone confirm this bug fix within the new theme?

    I don't have lynx installed yet so I can't check it out.

    Did they really implement a grabbable menubar?
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