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    Poll: Re: Master Kernel Thread

    Has anyone else been experiencing much bigger modules than before? Like... on the order of 5-10 times the original size?

    I started getting that around kernel 2.6.21... and it's a big problem... to...
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    Re: Newbie C++ Question

    No problem.

    There was some better documentation in some book I found in the library once, but I forget what it was. (GNU docs are sometimes kinda technical and hard to read if you're not used to...
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    Re: Newbie C++ Question

    Look into getopt and getopt_long. It lets you parse command line options easily. (It's in libc, but you can use it in C++ just fine.)
  4. Re: [REPO] Upgrade your EDGY to Xorg 7.2 - a new X server for "stable" version

    Thanks for the repository! I have an intel i945 and this new Xorg improves things (especially Beryl) considerably for me. (Also, I was beginning to get bored with the lack of bleeding-edge software...
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    Re: Firefox & Released!

    It is? That would be a nice thing.

    Do you get the same speed difference with the build of Because it could be the Ubuntu builds or it could be the new release. (Not saying...
  6. Re: How to install firefox

    Ah. That makes sense.

    Hmm... but that's really really ugly... I understand that MozCo wants to protect their trademark but this shouldn't stand in the way of users' security.

    Why can't they say...
  7. Re: How to install firefox

    Feisty seems to use a newer glibc. I got a dependancy problem with it when I tried to download the feisty deb manually. And glibc upgrades tend to be rather prone to breakage, so I didn't really want...
  8. Re: How to install firefox

    Yes... I seem to recall reading something about one of the holes fixed in Firefox caused a few people lose all the mail in their Gmail accounts. That's... really... bad...

    Come on, we're...
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