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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Numlock on boot up NOT working in Lubuntu 14.04.1

    numlockx works fine for me on Lubuntu 14.04 (and 13.10 before that) - install, run and then forget it.
  2. Re: Installing Google chrome and Dropbox through terminal

    Coincidentally, I finalled installed Dropbox on Lubuntu last night. Despite having the same concerns that "nautilus-dropbox" implies that it would not work in Lubuntu, it actually appears to work...
  3. Thread: L to X

    by David_Wright

    Re: L to X

    I would be really interested to hear what you like about Xubuntu (vs Lubuntu). I've been using Lubuntu for about half a year and love the speed of it.

    Almost all of the L vs X "reviews" I have...
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    Re: Things that you dislike in Ubuntu

    Sounds like one of the known release issues. See here for solution - I seem to recall that the solution when I upgraded to Lubuntu 14.04 was:

    sudo apt-get remove ibus
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    Re: Small Laptop, Which One Is Best?

    As you are evidently in the UK, eBuyer are selling a laptop preloaded with Ubuntu (so you wouldn't have to pay for Windows, and I assume that you can be confident it will work). I don't know...
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    Re: referral thread

    I started using Copy before the Ubuntu One closure announcement - mainly because of the amount of storage that was on offer compared to other cloud storage sites.

    The other thing that appeals...
  7. [lubuntu] How long until the first update of 14.04?

    Sorry if this is an obvious question - I've searched a bit in this forum and elsewhere but can't find an answer.

    I understand that that there are some (relatively minor) issues with 14.04...
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    Re: New PC spec

    All of the above matches my requirements. The most processor/memory/storage intensive thing I want my PC to do is process digital photos (Gimp). Otherwise, it's for web-browing (and youtube/other...
  9. Re: Levelling out volume for audio tracks. how to do it?

    Further to ssam's reply above - the linked article mentions MP3Gain which I understand scans your entire MP3 library and makes non-destructive changes to the MP3 files so as to balance the entire...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Is there a way to mark files for batch operations?

    On the basis of earlier answers, I installed Shotwell last night and played with it briefly, but had not got as far as discovering Spacemen12's method above - which looks perfect for what I want to...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Is there a way to mark files for batch operations?

    Thanks for the replies.

    Whitesmith's approach is the one I'm trying to avoid through laziness :~)

    TheFu's idea is probably quicker than changing groups.

    Maybe I should just edit my photos...
  12. [SOLVED] Is there a way to mark files for batch operations?

    Hi. I was wondering if there is a good way to do this:

    What I want to do is browse through multiple folders of photos and in some (quick, easy) way "mark" the ones that are good enough to copy...
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    Re: Is there an Ubuntu Guide?

    This might not be quite what you are looking for:

    A downloadable pdf of c500 pages that runs through all the commands. It sounds very daunting, but is actually...
  14. Re: Why are the default installations so ugly?

    I don't really get this obsession with "what does the desktop look like?"

    I'm a newcomer and am running Lubuntu on two PCs - selected for its lightness as they are old/netbook but kept, so far,...
  15. Re: The 'coming doom' for Windows XP users and what can be done...

    May I ask a (potentially) dumb question:

    If you continue to run a dual-boot XP/*buntu system, using *buntu for any browsing, email etc and keeping XP for XP-specific programs (say, for example,...
  16. [all variants] Re: What replacement distro for Netbook with Win XP?

    I have recently installed Lubuntu on a near-identical netbook (Advent 4211 = MSI Wind clone) and it runs flawlessly so far.

    I had no setup issues with wireless, graphics etc, just booted and it...
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    Re: Compositing - more than eye candy?

    Ok, so off I went and watched which spelled it all out - looks like exactly what I was after, with less overhead. Thanks.

    I'm a newcomer to *buntu and...
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    Re: Compositing - more than eye candy?

    Thanks for all the replies (and apologies for the slow response - I was momentarily distracted by my work, as a colleague used to say).

    I've since tried it our - installed xcompmgr and set it to...
  19. Re: Lubuntu on Pentium III processor and 384MB of RAM

    Sudodus beat me to it - I was going to suggest Puppy Linux. It's very light and will boot off of a USB stick (and can save all updates back to the same USB stick). It's a branch of the Linux tree...
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    [lubuntu] Re: EEEPC 900 and Lubuntu

    There is a very detailed walk through here:

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Compositing - more than eye candy?

    In view of my disappointing view:reply ratio ;) I shall elaborate:

    I understand that xcompmgr (or other composite manager) will make Docky work - ie fade and/or hide, which is in itself useful, as...
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    Compositing - more than eye candy?

    I am a new convert to Linux and busy experimenting / tailoring etc.

    I am running Lubuntu to allow for the aged/underpowered hardware that I am using and it runs very well indeed.

    Sooooo: I...
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