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  1. [ubuntu] External display turns off when closing laptop lid

    Hi all,

    I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit) on my Dell Latitude e6420, and I'm trying to use an external monitor (Dell 2001FP, but I'm guessing that doesn't matter.) I want to be able to close the...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Printer drivers for Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 printer

    I was able to use the driver for Ubuntu 11.10 x64 with JRE on my 64-bit install of 12.04. Printer is connected via ethernet. Have not tested scanning.
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    [xubuntu] Disable Scrolling Between Desktops


    I'm using a VM running Xubuntu 12.04, and I noticed that the default scrolling action using my wireless mouse, when the cursor is over the desktop, is for Xubuntu to cycle between the two...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Printer drivers for Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 printer

    It looks like you can find Lexmark's drivers for various versions of Ubuntu here. I haven't tested these yet with my 64-bit install of 12.04, but fingers crossed that it'll work out.
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Removing locations from "Computer" links in Nautilus

    Thanks NikTh! I actually ended up trying to use the solution suggested by Elfy in that page you linked to, and it worked smashingly.
  6. [SOLVED] Removing locations from "Computer" links in Nautilus


    I just completed a dual-boot of Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7, and I was wondering if/how I could remove some of the links in the "Computer" list in Nautilus. Because I'm running a dual boot,...
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