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  1. [ubuntu] ya i cant figure out how to calibrate or test my joystick

    im running 10.04 32bit lucid upgrade on an amd 3500
    w nvidea graphics and ac97 realtek sound etc...
    jstest dosent work the other calibrator as well
    ive downloaded the libraries for my joystick...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cannot boot from 9.10 live CD or install.

    it may very well be a media/cd-rom problem,if one computer burns and reads the disc,where as the other does not.ive had a problem like this only after discovering
    a dvd-rom drive in my closet,and...
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    Re: Howto: Install Ubuntu without a CD

    hi,im new to this ubuntu/linux stuff,but i have a couple of recycled pcs to experiment on
    so instead of the xp pro junk,that im all to jaded about,i thought ide try it out....
    tryed wubi yuck,my...
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